Suggested follow up to encyclical “Light of Faith” – “Light of Truth”


by Doug Lawrence

Or … how liberal, modernist, Vatican “double-speak” – and the popes, bishops, priests and lay persons who practice it – deliberately left the world without authentic Catholic  moral leadership for the past 50 years – as mankind slid further and further towards the abyss.

Don’t expect that one to come out any time soon!



  1. Liberalism is a Sin by Fr Felix Sarda Y Salvany is just as valid now as it was over 100 years ago. Liberal Catholics don’t separate the evil intent of the world with the intentions of the Church. For instance, they will pray (and I have witnessed this very recently) for “an end to discrimination-of any kind” not thinking about what they are asking for. Then when confronted by a lib who will challenge them then to back that up and marry homosexuals in the Church they start to bend. The Devil uses code words like discrimination, equality, Peace and Love to his advantage. These words must be connected back to our Lord when using them for petitions or whatever to represent a true Christian outcome. Remember, the Devil is in the details. When petitioning as an example for Peace one needs to connect it back to our Lord by adding a qualifier. Thus, petition not only for Peace but for Peace and Christian Justice. One does not say they are going 80 when measuring car speed rather they say they are going 80 mph. Liberals will twist our words of virtue and good will to support their evil intents. I have confronted a priest on this and he denied this occurs. My friend, people no longer want to call the Devil the Devil anymore remember, the biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he does not exist. Libs always side on the opposing view of Christians. “Read Liberalism is a Sin” and see why our nation is becomming Socialist and Pagan and will soon be destroyed.

  2. “…modernist, Vatican “double-speak…”??

    Why, the torch bearers for Vatican II would turn your slur around and call their muddy effluence (in the Orwellian euphemism) “double-plus-good-think.”

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