Director of the cause for “Lukewarm Catholicism” makes a speech


Cardinal Cormac summed up the legacy of Vatican II as one which held no space for prophets of doom. He recalled the Council decree on ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, and its bold proclamation that ‘there is no ecumenism worthy of the name without a change of heart … without inner conversion, newness of attitude and unstinted love’.

Suspicion, inertia and impatience were cited as the three enemies of ecumenism and drawing on his own rich experience both in his time as a priest and later Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, and in latter years as Archbishop of Westminster, the Cardinal summed up ecumenical endeavour as something which begins locally from a relationship with those around us believing that “ecumenism is blessed where people are”.


Editor’s note: After nearly 50 years of this nonsense, things are going so well for Catholics across the pond! Someone should remind his eminence that the basic idea is to convert others to the one, true, Catholic faith – for the salvation of their souls – and not the other way around!



  1. “ecumenism is blessed where people are”.

    What a stunningly, blindingly stupid and vacuous statement!

    • Maybe a game of Soccery is needed to warm them up 🙂
      Sometimes, stupid speeches, need mind stimulation, on the Field!
      Sorry, still thinking about my Spelling Error!

      • Your error was Einsteinian compared to the cardinal’s “kumbaya,” above.

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