Wrong! World-wide abortion is indeed a holocaust – with a scope and consequences much greater than any other, in history.


Abortion Holocaust – Man’s inhumanity to man – WWII Holocaust

Seen at JewishJournal.com

Michelle Duggar, along with her husband Jim Bob, are the stars of the TLC reality show 19 Kids & Counting, which has been on television for eleven seasons.  She is the mother of 19, does not believe in abortion, is openly pro-life, and not shy about sharing her opinion and religious beliefs.  I do not know her, but am sure she is a perfectly lovely woman.

However, to compare abortion to Hitler’s attempt to eradicate the Jewish people is offensive to me as a woman, as a Jew, and as an intelligent human being.  I didn’t really have an opinion on Mrs. Duggar until now, but will share that I think she is unaware and uneducated on the subject of the Holocaust. Shame on her for making such a hurtful statement.

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of six million Jews during World War ll.  Not only were Jews persecuted, but also Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma Gypsies, blacks, homosexuals, Priests and Pastors who would not accept the Nazi ideology, the disabled and handicapped. Eleven million people were murdered during the Holocaust.

It was heartbreaking to hear what Mrs. Duggar said.  How is it possible that people are so uneducated about this time in history?  How is possible that a seemingly lovely woman would say such an idiotic thing in order to push her own personal agenda? How is it possible that those who lost their lives during the Holocaust are disrespected in this way?

Editor’s note: I am offended at the way s person who claims to have experienced the horrors of the historical WWII holocaust and who also claims to be a woman, a Jew, and an intelligent human being – can possibly fail to acknowledge other, similar events – clear and blatant examples of man’s inhumanity to man – on a massive scale – occurring in today’s world – right before her eyes.

This constitutes the height of political/cultural hubris and elitism – and a new low, for the human race.

With already 50 million plus world-wide deaths from abortion – and counting – there is no excuse.

Shame on you, Ms. Angel!


  1. “Holocaust” is a word from the Old Testament. Any chance that it will ever be used correctly again, instead of as a politically-correct, but inappropriate synonym for a specific regime of mass-murder and genocide?

    Unfortunately, it is yet another word stolen from the language to serve a political agenda. Like “gay, “pride,” et al.

  2. I said it before….Abortion, is the New Holocaust! Systematic…Government Sanctioned Murder of the Unborn!

  3. Many Jews moan, piss, and wail about their 6 million, but they’re incredibly insensitive about the babies killed by abortion and go bonkers when their trademarked word holocaust is used to describe the mass murder of unborn children. I ask: if there is another mass genocide of Jews in history, do you think the reaction of many folk might be, “why should I care? You didn’t care about those helpless infants being killed in the womb, why should we care about you being killed at a camp?”

  4. Well, Adolf Hitler used Holocaust, in his Satanic scheme, in the Final Solution, to exterminate the Jews! The Abortion Holocaust, is a much greater killing machine, than any Satanic work of the Nazi regime, yielding death, not only to a Race….but Unborn Universally!
    Too bad, who hates using the diabolical word…it is, what it is!!!

  5. “Shoah” is the word used in Israel for the mass-murder by Nazis of European Jews in the 20th century. It is word of originally less-specific definition (“disaster”) that has been applied to a specific and undeniably monstrous historical occurence.

    Let the Zionists keep the word they misappropriated, for the apparent purpose of morally elevating the Shoah over the vastly more-numerous killings committed by communist governments in Easter Europe and China.

    Meanwhile, rather than wage a pointless and distracting competition for “equal rights” to the word “holocaust,” pro-lifers should consider taking ownership of “mass murder” or “genocide” for their cause.

    • Greek meaning of Holocaust-Sacrafice by fire,
      Well, in a way that is true for Abortion….CREMATION!

    • Inilation comparisons, such as the Jewish Holocaust with the Tyrants that massacred millions, such as Joseph Stallone, is not productive. They are ALL Abominations to God….there is NOT one that is worse than the other. Basically, they are ALL Holocausts!

  6. “…Tyrants that massacred millions, such as Joseph Stallone…”

    No, that was Sylvester Stallone, in all those Rambo movies.

    Sorry: you-know-who just made me do that.

    • Mark,
      This must be Freudian just a letter off….so the Devil Made You Do It?
      Yes, Rambo was a Good Guy, the other Guy, not so much( A MONSTER!)
      Teacher: Thank You…..please no failing grade…you would think I would proofread my comments, but, it would not be, so much fun

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