After the Second Vatican Council, the dogma of the devil’s existence became an ’embarrassing part of doctrine’.


Satan’s “no” to God

It’s time for Catholics especially who have been perhaps too eager to buy into too many of the promises and doctrines of modern science, to become reacquainted with the reality of evil.

Just as morality is not a flexible system based on the Masonic conception of “tolerance”; evil, temptation and the devil are not merely convenient mechanisms used to illustrate the concepts of right and wrong to children.

While it’s increasingly fashionable to have a hearty laugh at the simplistic and outdated beliefs of those forefathers in the Faith removed from us by less than a century, all Catholics must be very careful to faithfully retain those doctrinal elements central to the Faith; most especially Original Sin, evil, and the temptations of a very real, very powerful devil.

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  1. I see it all over, Modern Catholic thought….a children’s Fable…the Evil Devil! Remember Flp Wilson’s Comedy Show routine..
    “The Devil Made Me Do It!” ???
    The Masonic conception of Tolerance….I do not know, if that plays a part, WHO KNOW’S, this Nation was built by Masons!I bet the Satanist, really like our Disnelief, in the Evil One (Satan) — The Deceiver…. Likes what is happening!
    There are more Catholics, than the individual Evangelical denominations!….So why do we NOT stand true to dogma?
    Many Protestant groups, stand by, there is the Devil…why does the One True Church scoff, at it?

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