My dad abandoned me, and I’ve struggled with alcoholism my whole life. But now, I see what I see through Catholic eyes…

I was thirteen years old when I lost my father to divorce. One of my most poignant memories of this time is sitting in the window, watching him drive away down our long driveway. I waited for him to come back for what felt like an eternity. He never did come back, and I remembered very little about him after that until I was much older.

As the years passed with little contact with my father, I lost trust in him, and my mother too. She was lost in her own pain and abandoned me emotionally, leaving me to raise myself from then on, facing each challenge that came along alone with no guidance. Until six years ago, I never tried to heal that breach of trust. Afraid of being let down again, I placed few demands on anyone, man or woman, as long as they showed up.

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  1. God enters a broken spiritt, through a contrite heart! ❤
    God fixes BROKEN things, to make you whole!
    Cast your cares to God, for he cares for you!

    • Alcoholism is a Bondage To Vegetables!
      How does anyone know that they will NOT become an ADDICT?
      Think of the poor Priests who have to have substitute Wine , at Mass!
      People, who are Drunks, do not enter The Kingdom of God!

  2. Fact is that I am a father who tried to have a relationship with my children after a hostile divorce.  Many Moms use the children as weapons of vengeance against their former spouses.  They alienate the children and turn them against their father to spite the father.  Some will stop at nothing to alienate the children to include false abuse allegations (parental alienation).  The victims are the children who will lose their Father.  I in essence lost my children and the effects for both are never ending.  The ex wife is as vindictive as ever.  The hate is unreal.  This unfortunately is a common occurence as many children are victims of vengeful ex wives.  I plan to run a marathon in support of false allegations against Fathers.  I will keep you posted if you get this email.


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