Does Pope Francis think people are stupid?

In the longest and most important speech of his four-month pontificate, Francis took a direct swipe at the “intellectual” message of the church that so characterized the pontificate of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. Speaking to Brazil’s bishops, he said ordinary Catholics simply don’t understand such lofty ideas and need to hear the simpler message of love, forgiveness and mercy that is at the core of the Catholic faith.

“At times we lose people because they don’t understand what we are saying, because we have forgotten the language of simplicity and import an intellectualism foreign to our people,” he said. “Without the grammar of simplicity, the church loses the very conditions which make it possible to fish for God in the deep waters of his mystery.”

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Editor’s note: How did the post-Vatican II mantra – “God is love” – which likely constitutes the greatest depth of official Catholic catechesis, since the late 1960’s – suddenly become “too intellectual”?

The problem isn’t intellectualism, it’s liberalism – and the almost complete lack of virtually any good, practical Catholic catechesis, at the parish level.

The liberals who took over the church after Vatican II – like all “good” liberals – relied on a system of substandard education in order to obliterate from memory the old ways – in the hope that their gravely inferior, radical (but luke-warm) reforms would eventually become the “norm”.

Now that they have achieved what they intended, they’re still not happy – and that’s not surprising, considering the substandard “product” they’ve managed to foist upon the “People of God” – for the last half century.

According to Pope Francis, more CHANGE is necessary – and much, much more must be “stripped away” from The Mystical Body of Christ – for the good of the people – and the Church.

After the Catholic faith debacle of the last 50 years, one has to wonder what remains of the one, true faith that can actually still be jettisoned?

Pope Francis – in spite of his recent popular success – is turning out to be a very “shallow” – arrogantly humble pope – who seems to be obsessed with the concept of minimalism. And that doesn’t bode well for the Catholic faith – or the world.

Pray for him.


  1. It strikes me here and now, for the first time, that Vatican II and its aftermath have so much in common with Roe v. Wade and its aftermath.

    Roe v. Wade imposed abortion-on-demand on a nation that did not need, want or ask for it. Vatican II imposed the Novus Ordo Missae on a Church that did not need, want or even imagine it.

    Roe v. Wade’s decision was intended to forever settle an issue–the “right to abortion”–by displacing and obliterating its opposite: the right to life. Vatican II’s signature promulgation (the “Paul VI mass”) was intended to forever settle an “issue”–the “need” for liturgical reform–by displacing and obliterating its antithesis: the “Mass of the Ages.”

    Decades later, abortion-on-demand vs. the right to life remains a hotter conflict than ever, with the latter side not only refusing to go away, but also gaining ground and strength.

    Decades later, the Tridentine rite–along with the traditions and Tradition that accompany it–has not only not gone away, but is gaining more and more new followers and adherents, consequent to their desires and demands.

    Such are the ways of “reforms” that do not improve anything, but seek to destroy what is good.

  2. Wow…..Arrogantly Humble!
    As Sheep, Our Earthly Sheperd is leading us to beige pastures and stagnant waters!
    However, I am a firm believer, in the simple message, in the Gospel of John “God Is Love!” Does that make me Liberal?

  3. Francis is the true apostolic successor of Peter. He is the true Pontiff so get off your own arrogant high horse and listen to what he says/said. Indeed as Pope he leads the people of God and directed by the Holy Spirit he is the true leader of the Catholic World on earth! Your article is shameful and like Padre Pio retort to those that thought they could attack Mother Church or its Bishops. . it is something to be ashamed of!

    • I never claimed to be St. Pio. What is shameful is for a pope to speak publicly, using imprecise language that gives the world the wrong impression. That has been part and parcel of virtually every Vatican II document and virtually every post-Vatican II bishop and pope. Scandal begets more scandal, and even popes are not immune to such things. Yes, the Church is holy, because Jesus Christ is holy – but there’s plenty of corruption and confusion in today’s church – mainly because people – including the church hierarchy – refuse to listen to the authentic Spirit of Truth. This pope obviously still doesn’t know what he doesn’t know – so he continues to make error-laden, unprepared remarks, in public. That type of behavior is both dangerous and hypocritical – and it is most certainly not divinely inspired.

      I hope you are in good health.


    • Interesting to finally hear on this blog from someone whose views are at odds with the blogmaster and most other commenters. Diversity of opinions is welcome here.

      It seems telling, however, that the initial launch by this dissident was an ad hominem dis to the blogmaster.

      • Hello Mark, No I have written a few articles . .many moons ago for and to Doug. I think he may smile sometimes at the controversy such diversity will encounter within his blogs and from other commentators thereafter. cannot always get on here and not exploded for a while thereby. I can only imagine that Doug allows it because it is sometimes like Chili to a pot. Regards Scampy22

    • Scampy22
      You are certainly a Great Defender of the New Church.
      Perhaps, you are involved in an Organization, that promotes the Modern Liberal Church. Please give us more information…..I suspect, you are not just a Regular Casual Joe Catholic! Very quick on your Militant Defense of the non-Traditional Catholic Church!

      • Scampy22 is an old friend (from England) who is passionate about his particular beliefs. I welcome his posts – even if things get a bit heated-up, at times.


      • Hello Cathy. I have replied below to the general feel of Doug’s blog. I never have properly understood the notion of a Traditional Catholic Church? To me there is one Church and it is both Traditional and Modern. It lives. I have no respect however for critics of The Modern Papacy. To me organisations such as the SSPX are anathema and I recoil from everything they stand for. I hope that helps answer your query. Kind regards Scampy22

    • If he really is, then he should stop teaching heresy.

  4. I have not been about for a while, health issues making it difficult these days and the internet does not always work the speed I tap on my keyboard so errors out and time throws me out!

    I am at growing odds with much of the articles I have just read, missed loads but hardly now dare look! And it seems that in my absence a certain sliding has been allowed to occur? This situation must be slowed and corrected because it is in error of everything I understand the Catholic Church to hold dear.

    It is not good enough to simply attend mass and say Lord Lord and imagine oneself a Catholic or whatever? The theological demands placed upon any individual are of course limited by the intellect and ability or time one has to study but the spirit is another matter altogether! Any Catholic from the age of reason must surely appreciate the working of Gods spirit? This does not mean that everybody will agree with everything BUT it should mean that all good people aspire towards virtue and do not seek evil. What I mean is that Roman Catholics have a responsibility, firstly by action and prayer to do good and put aside the spirit of disquiet and wrath. Worry and anxiety are tools of Satan and useless and should best be ignored and removed. Secondly that according to our intellect we perceive the ways of God Spirit. But the danger here is extreme and any intellectual pursuit should be subordinate to humility.

    This Humility (as expressed by Francis) is that we do not know the whole truth but we as individuals attempt to reach out to our fellow humanity, no matter the stink of their lives. That we shall be understanding but that does not mean we forget the truth of our Christian faith but it does or should mean that we are joyful within Mother Church. That perhaps the old saying that but for gods grace there goes I as we attempt by our intellect to embrace the spirit.
    This means and it is neither Liberal nor Conservative nor traditionalist or modern that as Catholics whilst we may disagree with what goes on around us sometimes in the Church we do not publically put the boot in and certainly not nor shall we become open critics of Our Pope. We should pray for him and the Church and beg of Our Heavenly Father that we should be given a spirit of humility and learn to appreciate and not sneer at anything the Pope seems to do, especially with regard to things that; we, because of our own sinful and stupid nature are incapable of understanding or appreciating.
    The Pope Francis need all Catholics not to speak badly of his attempts to lead us on earth to Our Heavenly King and Father but to pray for him and support him and deal with anyone that sneers or spits venom at him with due disdain.
    The wicked Bishops that for example set themselves up against The Pope and the Council of Vatican 2 are in disobedience and they have led many to fall into this sin. Like satan whom destroys a third of the angels in his fall so such people have proven themselves to be wolves in sheeps clothing.

    I know Doug very well and we often have explosive moments. . though these are sometimes due to my present disposition alas. Nevertheless I cannot stomach the notion that Catholics are allowed to wander off into a state of what I perceive as a heretical pathway, no matter the sheep clothing that shines but hides the wolf within. I cannot get on as often as I should but I hope the above shines a different facet on the controversy lit by Dougs blogs! I shall be watching and will not turn from stating an opinion for or against that which I read no matter the number that think me right or wrong, clever or dim.

  5. I find Francis a lot harder to understand than Benedict. And all Francis has done since taking office is attack everyone, except the gays, the abortionists, and the communists, the Muslims, the atheists, all of whom he supports vigorously.

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