Should parents “nix” the UNICEF collection this coming Halloween?


The newest report from UNICEF suggests that nations are bound by international law to provide sexually-related materials to children without their parents’ knowledge, explains Susan Yoshihara of C-FAM, the Catholic Families and Human Rights Institute.



  1. Good grief! Why even pose this question?

    Or maybe Doug is playing “Jeopardy” here, and forgot to give the clue first (“NO!”).

    • Lots of parents send their kids out to collect for UNICEF on Halloween. I didn’t want to scare them away from the story, so I posed a question.

      “Strategy and Tactics for $200, Alex!”

      BTW … I liked your earlier comment about the similarities between Roe v Wade and Vatican II. There’s certainly no shortage of elitists in Rome … or in Washington.


      • Thanks. Don’t know why those parallels did not occur to me long ago.

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