Planned Parenthood generated $1.2 billion in 2011, destroying one innocent life every 94 seconds.

We all understand why PPFA minimizes the enormous amount of money it takes in from abortion; why it would prefer to talk about anything other than those 339,964 abortions it performed in 2011 (that’s one lost life every 94 seconds); and most of all the grim truth that about one out of every nine women coming through Planned Parenthood’s door will have an abortion!

But all the misleading talk in the world about “only 3%” of its services can’t obscure the reality that PPFA is the largest abortion provider in the nation and is taking aggressive steps to expand that murderous empire — building central abortion megaclinics, adding chemical abortions to their smaller offices, experimenting with technologies such as “webcam” abortions. This can only mean more victims and higher revenues at the abortion giant for years to come.

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  1. Back in my day, it was ALWAYS the place to go for girls/women for Pregnancy Testing!
    I guess if you were + You would take them up, on their MURDER SERVICES!
    Now, their excuse for Funding is “Women’s Health Care Screening!”
    Don’t you think, tha average Female would go to an MD for testing and screening of disease?
    Lower Income earners have always got their FREE Contracecption from the Public Health Department!
    So, why is our Government involved wiith Planned Parenthood?
    Give me an “A”

    • Local public health departments rely on scarce, local funding, while Federal dollars subsidize Planned parenthood to the tune of $350M every year – enough money to cover PP’s campaign contributions to loyal, abortion supporting politicians, all around the United States. Government subsidy and political support makes PP the equivalent of a quasi-governmental agency, dedicated to killing babies, so the government wont have to pay the moms to raise them. Such was the democratic response to the growing problem of welfare moms – and of course, plenty of republicans were in on the deal, as well! History shows that once the U.S. Government decides to fund a program, that program becomes almost impossible to “kill”. And since abortion is legal, “the left” feels totally justified in supporting it, any way they can.

      I have no idea what constitutes an “average female” these days. All I know is, failed contraception is what drives the demand for abortion – and Planned Parenthood is right in the middle of it – subsidized by our tax dollars – whether we like it or not – and that stinks to the high heavens!


      • “failed contraception is what drives the demand for abortion”

        Things are not that simple at all. I suppose it depends on how you define failure. Failure of a device? Failure of a pharmaceutical? Errors by users of the former and latter?

        But don’t count out failure to even attempt any such measures. There is at least anecdotal, if not also statistical, evidence of significant numbers of abortions being procured by women who made no attempt at contraception.

        What drives the demand for abortion is, quite simply, Evil.

      • Mark.
        I’m thinking it is “Failure” to do ANYTHING!
        Abortion is the New Contraception!
        Yes, EVIL is the Root, of the Fornication Dilema…not taking Responsibility for your own actions! Hey, if you want To Play, you might Pay….what a Payment – having a LIFE…No Greater Joy!
        The Payment to Satan is Abortion!
        What do you think about that statement?

      • A common theme is blood sacrifice to the demon, Moloch, one of Satan’s underlings, who is in charge of such things. Even Muslims – who in earlier years maintained a strong anti-abortion stance – are presently aborting their children in large numbers. Still not as large as the misguided Pagans and Christians, though.


      • The Israelites fell into Idolatry in the OT, and worshipped Molach(Satan) and placed their babies, in the statue of Molach, for
        sacrifice! This was even performed, in the Valley of Hinna! The trash dump were carcasses were burned, called Gehenna (which Jesus, called Hell) probably, were the babies bodies were burned!

        That was quite a sickening story, on my part!

      • The payment to Satan is—and has been since Eden—Death.

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