Jesuits: Worshiping human reason, instead of the God who became human, for us?

St Ignatius and his Company of Jesus did extraordinary things for evangelisation following their foundation but their disdain for Liturgy has introduced a fault line into Western Christianity that has deeply wounded our intellectual life and it looks as if it is to continue.

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  1. I can see why the Jesuits were banned by many countries and many Papacy’s did not want them! This Order is the THINKING/REASON BRANCH of the Vatican….very Humanistic. The Protestants believe in the “Black Pope” (Jesuit General) who controls the Papacy. Now, we have a Jesuit Pope… and see his Direction!…..especially with Liturgy!

    • Cathy, I will say that I do know several Jesuits and they are all intelligent and humorous folk. You are correct the papacy in the past really persecuted them and even tried to abolish them! In this they all failed and the Society of Jesus remains a powerful order within the Church. The idea however that they are Humanistic (which of course they are, as was many of our greatest saints; More for example) is merely that they care for Humanity and not the modern corruption of atheists that think they are Humanists by ignoring God.
      As intellectuals they have led the avant-garde side of the Church and are often feared in some circles that has on occasion built to near hysteria. The reference to Liturgy is simply that some new evangelisations need various liturgical concepts to win converts and hardly compose a threat to Scripture or doctrine.

      When Francis suggested that his clerics should care more for the stink of the poor than the dots in the liturgy he was very much the Franciscan Pope of the poor and welcome relief from its ornate majesty.
      I think we should never fear our legitimate friends within the church and its divisions and we shall do well to pray for all the Churches orders, great and small. If we do that then I can promise you that your fear of splintered legions or inconsistent doctrine will be vanquished by the light of Christ’s Resurrection.
      The Black pope is a title but comes from the orders costume and not from a sinful anti-pope that is about to spring on the back of Mother Church. Whilst History may show a spooked uncertainty towards the order, it is a beautiful order within the Church and quite frankly the only person that needs fear its impact is the devil and his following.

      St Ignatius Loyola Pray for us and teach us to Love Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

      • Hello Scampy22,
        Thank you for your post.
        Here are some questions, that maybe you will answer……
        Were the Jesuits made to be the Soldiers, defending the Church, by setting themselves in the Counter-Reformation to obliterate Protestantism, starting in the 16th Century?
        Were the Jesuits, the manufacturers of Futurism, to confuse the Reformers?
        Yes, this order was the Intellectual branch of the Church, which formed great Universities of Higher Education…Geniuses!

  2. Hello Cathy,

    I will try to answer your questions according to my own limited knowledge so please do not accept it definitive! These are my own observations and hope alleviates some of the pressure?

    Basically the answer to the first question; were the Jesuits made to be soldiers etc. is No. Ignatius did not intend the society to be other than a group of people to imitate Christ. In this he was not initially successful so he decided to look after the person of the Pope. No he did not appreciate the Protestant Reformation and they were merely to fight Islam. The order has never been created to obliterate Protestantism despite some rabid WWW sites that seem to suggest this is their secret mission. The Society never has had a secret mission. Period.
    It was after the famous Council of Trent they were allowed and encouraged to evangelize new lands that were at that time being discovered etc. This sometimes brought it into conflict with the Rise of protestant ideology as well. In Europe the members were sometimes in direct conflict with the governments of protestant lands but this was usually at the direction of papal authority. The Military aspect of the Society and fear that these Catholic Storm troopers would infiltrate and undermine the legitimate Protestant Rulers reached hysterical pitch in many lands. Of course the Society as Christian and being good Catholics at the time it was interested in saving souls for Christ. The History complicated matters because much of what they were accused of etc. is today revealed as propaganda etc. Inquisition being example of a warped history.

    The answer to the second question is a little more complicated. Futurism is something that blossomed with the advent of the printing press and like Protestantism tends to rest upon individualism. It showed that Revelation in Scripture in particular Daniel and The Apocalypse could show that Anti-Christ was actually the Catholic Church. Extreme forms of Calvinism offshoots suggested (and some still do today) that the Catholic Church and the Pope had Apostatised to evil. That Scripture and the enlightened true faith of the intellectual proved for the saints, that this Catholic Church was neither Apostolic, true or one. In reply to this assumption The Jesuits as intellectuals often used the printed press to revoke and deny the conclusions of such extremism. They were not the Manufacturers of the attacks on Mother Church but they did lead the vanguard against such bitterness. It is of little surprise that Satan should hate such an order because it has inflicted upon his authority countless defeats.

    Finally as Intellectuals often are, the Jesuits remain attacked for pushing the intellectual frontiers of what is possible or acceptable. This often brings them into conflict with fundamentalists that perceive the truth as finite, absolute and certain. Sometimes in History they have become abused from within the Church itself but this is the result of misunderstanding and envy and not from Charity and Humility. Ignatius is in Paradise and eternally proven friend of Our Lord and His Spirit and His Father. Like many that followed him he has shown a pathway that many in the Order, living good lives can and have achieved: that is something we can only dare to hope for. We shall not forget that whilst we are in The Church Militant we are also part of The Church Triumphant and that seems a very good reason to respect, admire and love such an order?

    • Scampy22,
      Where did you get that NAME?
      Thanks for writing back.
      The Internet is filled with much, that makes the Jesuits, into Satanic Angels, that do the bidding of Satan, on earth. They are presumed, behind every Revolution and War, that has happened, since they were formed by Loyola!
      Today, most Evangelicals do not believe what Early Reformers believed, about the Roman Catholic Church being the Woman Who Rides The Beast, Mystery Babylon. In fact they are more For Her, than Against Her! There are a few, who continue exspousing their hatred toward Mother Church, with Conspiracy Theories….the Jesuits killed John Paul I, and because there was No Autopsy on Popes. We will never know…..if he was poisoned!
      How about the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy?
      How about their Infiltration in all Protestant Churches….They are a Busy Bunch!
      The 2 Most dreadful of them all:
      1. The Jesuit Oath
      2. Founders of the Illuminati

      Well, I can continue on….But I Won’t
      This THINKING is of Satan, to cause Doubt, in Believer’s in the True Church of Christ…The Catholic Church!

      • None of this Jesuit myth and innuendo is necessary when we have the present day Jesuit “America” magazine along with hosts of Jesuit run institutions freely spewing all types of heresies and immoralities, on a daily basis. In order to fail to notice such things, one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind.


  3. One day, a Dominican friar and a Jesuit priest discussed the founding of their orders.

    “The Society of Jesus was founded to stem the tide of the Protestant revolt,” boasted the Jesuit.

    “Holy Father Dominic found my order to fight the Albigensian Heresy,” replied the friar.

    “And your point?” asked the Jesuit, somewhat disdainfully.

    “Well, father, when was the last time you encountered an Albigensian?” replied the friar.

    • The forerunner to Protestantism……..What happened to the Albigensies? Not a proud moment, in Catholic history, for the Heretic had to be exterminated! St. Dominic had many meetings with these people, trying to convince them of their errors, but to no avail!

  4. Just a late thought as I have read the replies. Firstly alas some stupid people and I mean that in the Biblical sense, they are idiots, use the Order of Jesuits as the point of their own prejudices. In fact if the Jesuits did not exist they would use the Dominicans or Franciscans etc. The point is that they are ignorant and use this Society as a reason for hating the Catholic Religion. Bigotry is always the companion of Ignorance and alas many extreme protestants (or some Catholics!) use whatever they think they know to be evidence of the wickedness of our Faith. Secondly, The Jesuits are not a magazine no matter whom has produced it or what it says. Otherwise the Church would be up for some scrutiny! They are not responsible for what some dictate or otherwise and we should not tar the Society with the same brush. The idea that Our Lord is not present in them at large is rather inflammatory to say the least.
    As I have noted however, the Jesuits were not found to stem the Protestant tide and I think the Dominicans were not found to stem the Albigensians either. They were in essence found for the positive and not the negative, which means they were found in their own right and not simply to radicalize other Christians. So the Jesuit reply would have probably been along the lines of Aint Historical recollection a funny thing?
    Yes Cathy, it is doubt that is the real enemy not the Jesuits and as I say here inevitably it is the companion of ignorance and I suppose fear thrown in for good measure! Thank God we have the Jesuits then to help halt this decay of the intellect and enslavement of the soul!

    • Scampy22
      Just a Simple Minded Soul, that wants to ask you:
      Why did the Finest Jesuit University in the U.S. Cover all Religious signs of Christ, when the President spoke on their Georgetown campus?
      This was not a Secular University, this was the Pinnacle of Roman Catholic Education, in the Western Hemisphere!
      Many of today’s Social Justice issues started there….
      Which makes a Simple Minded Catholic, want to know: What are these Intellectually Superior Religious Men THINKING, while SERVING CHRIST (Their Primary Job!) ???

      • I have no idea Cathy? Probably best to take it up with the authorities at the University?

        It may be because of two reasons I can think of off the top of my silly head. Firstly; Was it reported in full and well? Sometimes reporters have their own agendas and what we read is little or nothing to do with what happened. Its all lies! If we believed everything we read then we would surely not be Catholics as generally the Church gets a raw deal and always has from a secular media? Otherwise; secondly; There are as with any organisation, the wider Church included “some” people that are saints but there are others that are perhaps not as good as they should be. If the article reported cold facts did it give time or space to why? Otherwise the people may have been ill advised to do such a thing?

        To serve Christ is the most important thing for any religious and the Jesuits do it often through a media stance so it is surprising. Maybe they were requested to do so by Presidential aids or thought it would be best to show a secular university stance because the president does not like Catholic iconography?

      • Scampy22,
        To put it Bluntly..”I DO NOT GIVE A RAT’S A–” what the President asked For, while presenting at this Jesuit University!
        If they were God Fearing, they wouldn’t either!
        I really am mild mannered!
        I draw the line, at this DARK action!

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