Why would Pope Francis say in June that there is a “gay lobby” in the Vatican and then say a month later that although there had been “talk about the gay lobby,” he’s never seen it on “the Vatican ID card”?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis’s “Who am I to judge” dismissal of the depravity represented even by any kind of perverse inclinations or impulses or feelings speaks volumes as to his complete shallowness as a thinker, no less to the total theological bankruptcy that characterizes the words he utters that so tickle the itching ears of men steeped in the universal pestilence of sentimentality.

While God alone is the sole Judge of the subjective state of souls, He gave us the sensus fidei when we were baptized in order to be able to recognize sin for what it is and thus to amend our own lives when are tempted to sin or find ourselves in the near occasion of sin.

This sensus fidei also provides us with the ability to perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy, which includes, of course, admonishing the sinner.

It is very telling that, as noted a few days ago, Jorge Mario Bergoglio never talks about the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Never means precisely that, that Catholics believe in the Spiritual Works of Mercy, Jorge. Here is a little review for you:

To instruct the ignorant.
To counsel the doubtful.
To admonish sinners.
To bear wrongs patiently;
To forgive offences willingly;
To comfort the afflicted;
To pray for the living and the dead.

Catholics also believe that there are nine ways
that they can be accessories to the sins of others:

1. By counsel.
2. By command.
3. By consent.
4. By provocation.
5. By praise or flattery of the evil done.
6. By silence.
7. By connivance.
8. By partaking.
9. By defense of the ill done.


Editor’s note: This article comes from a site which maintains, among other things, that there have been no true popes since the 2nd Vatican Council. But even such a grave error does little or nothing to discredit the particular observations contained in the linked article – which, while somewhat disrespectful – are worthy of serious consideration by adult Catholics.


  1. If there was a Gay Lobby on a Vatican ID Card, then I say, the Church has gone into Apostasy….then I am GONE!
    Pope Francis, said “It was Not!”….Good News, hope and pray, that the Church, does not accept the Gay Lobby position….truly an abomination to God!


  2. Well Pope Francis claim was that he could hardly Judge the soul of homosexuals which is and has been Doctrinal teaching. He also said that acts of homosexuality are inconsistent with Church teaching and are possibly gravely wrong thereby, which is also Doctrinal teaching. IE we love the sinner, detest the sin.
    Of course some commentators suggested that the Pope had said Homosexuals are now accepted which is not what he said. The article as Doug points out is composed by persons of anti post Vatican 2 understanding. The enemy of our pope and all Good Catholics hates and detests anything that might bring grace into our lives. Simply because a person says “LORD LORD” and stands and says “I am Christian” is not to be accepted as fact. Hence wolves appear and as our Lord warned “beware for many will come claiming to be the Son of Man .. there he goes . .”(etc) We believe in the
    One Holy and True Apostolic Church of which Francis is the leader on earth at this moment. Like a ship we have a Captain and we obey his understanding of where we are to follow. This does not mean that as a man he may not make error like anyone else but if we pray for our pope as he asked us all to do after his election announced he will be strengthened as will our faith.
    It is always something to marvel at that in several Lives of Saints such as Teresa, Pio and Faustina Our Lord commands them to “obey” their earthly superiors even before his own commands! This is because Jesus himself, meek and mild was obedient unto death.
    The very idea in the article is that we individuals have full ability to know what sin is, its nature and course and act by conscience or grace to avoid it as necessary. That Francis was in error by thinking he could not judge the sins of Homosexuals. There is a small point to it but this is lost for me, in the sin of Pride and self delusion.
    Anyone that read the statement of Francis and latter on the aircraft is forced in charity to agree with him. His leadership is not from aloft but from below, he does not pull us up but pushes us gently and with kindness.
    There are perhaps Gay bishops that may be living unholy private lives just as there will probably be gay bishops living charitable Christian lives. The idea of a Gay Lobby is akin to the claims of some perhaps over weaned on celluloid entertainment that see illuminatey styled plots festering in the corridors of Vatican City. People will always have hang up on this or that because we remain fallen creatures anyway but that is some way from conceding Vatican intrigue in any dark corner. Our faith is to be tested daily by the enemy and so is our resolve to stand firm against the truly debased that engineer their wiles against Our Living Catholic Church.


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