Detroit’s abortion rate is nearly 40 percent. Is it any wonder that nobody lives there anymore?

The staggering nature of Detroit’s abortion rate is mirrored in the city’s infant mortality rate. In 2010, data from the National Center for Health Statistics showed Detroit’s infant mortality rate to be 13.5 deaths per 1,000 live births—the number 1 worst rate in the United States, a ranking it shares with Cleveland, parts of which have an infant mortality rate that exceeds that of some third-world countries.

Even if abortion and infant mortality did not cause Detroit’s collapse, I don’t know how the events cannot be correlated. Living by principles that destroy life is simply and obviously unsustainable. Infant mortality and abortion alike claim the lives of innocent human beings—human beings who, had they lived, perhaps could have saved Detroit.


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  1. “Is it any wonder that nobody lives there anymore?”

    The question reminds me of one of many anecdotes attributed to Yogi Berra. Once upon a time, he is said to have vetoed a companion’s suggestion that they go to a well-known Manhattan eatery for dinner.

    “Oh, nobody goes there anymore,” Yogi stated. “It’s always too crowded.”

    And so was Detroit.

    Once upon a time.

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