Obama’s HHS Mandate labeled as anti-motherhood, threat to religious freedom

In recent months, the mandate has become the subject of dozens of lawsuits from over 200 plaintiffs arguing that it forces them to violate their deeply-held religious convictions. While houses of worship and their affiliated organizations are not required to provide the coverage, other religious non-profits are subject to a modified version of the regulation, and for-profit companies run by religious individuals receive no protection at all.

Dr. Marguerite Duane, a family practitioner in Washington, D.C., told CNA that “women should not bear the burden” of the medical side effects of contraceptives and abortion, stressing that “it takes two to plan a family.”

Under the mandate, she argued, “childbearing is seen as a curse instead of as a gift to society,” and this attitude “does not help women, it harms women.”

“The HHS mandate is completely unjust: it goes against women, it goes against good healthcare, and most importantly, it goes against the right to religious freedom.”

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Editor’s note: What passes for “feminism” in today’s world is nothing more than the radical agenda of a relatively small number of politically connected, self-loathing women.


  1. I don’t even pretend to understand the Miindset of Miserable Radical PC Lost-Soul Women arguing for The Mandate From Hell!

  2. The mandate took effect August 1. Prior to that, we had the “Fortnight of Freedom” campaign of prayer for “religious liberty” foisted upon us by the American Catholic bishops.

    For months, I had asked anyone who would care to listen: Come August first, what are the bishops prepared to do? Now, the boom has been lowered, so to speak. And the silence from the bishops is deafening.

    By the way: Prior to Vatican II, the principle of “religious liberty” was held anathema by the Church, because She maintained that the freedom to believe in and commit “religious” error was an evil in itself. But in their resistance to the HHS mandate, the bishops played politics instead of defending the Faith.

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