Sacred to which god?


During a speech and press conference today, pro-abortion Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis said she would consider running for governor. The abortion activist also pulled a page from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook by calling defending late-term abortions “sacred ground.”



  1. Calling Late Term Abortion…”Sacred Ground” is such a Desecration( they truly worship Satan!) Enough Said

  2. I do not know about American internal politics but I think all people of Good Will can agree that abortion is an abomination! It is perhaps (arguably) the biggest scourge on the Western World today and its effects are monstrous indeed. Legal Murder with a sympathetic smile remains murder forever and the political liberal excuse of it ends back street abortionists is akin to claims that f the Law did away with murder par-se we would have no more murderers! Monstrous

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