Catholic priest seems to have a better understanding of “Pelagianism” than Pope Francis

This heretical, erroneous way of thinking and acting was countered heavily by the Doctor of Grace, St. Augustine, as well as many others like St. Jerome and ultimately condemned as heretical by several Popes and Councils, most notably the Papal approved Council of Carthage (418).

This Council taught authoritatively what we still profess today, namely: (i) Death did not come to Adam from a physical necessity, but through sin. (ii) New-born children must be baptized on account of original sin. [Note that the current Code of Canon Law emphasizes this must be done within a couple of weeks of birth]. (iii) Sanctifying grace not only avails for the forgiveness of past sins, but also gives assistance for the avoidance of future sins. (iv) The grace of Christ not only discloses the knowledge of God’s commandments, but also imparts strength to will and execute them. (v) Without God’s grace it is not merely more difficult, but absolutely impossible to perform good works. (vi) Not out of humility, but in truth must we confess ourselves to be sinners… (cf. Dz. nos. 101-8).

This is all very interesting in light of what has been transpiring over the last half century or so. In fact, having made this little study, it is amazing to see how much Pelagianism has returned in our own day.

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  1. Pope Francis’s labeling (libeling?) Traditional Catholics as Pelagians leaves him looking nothing more than foolish and jejune, and not to be taken seriously.

  2. The Article is absurd because whilst it lays down the gauntlet it simply cannot give examples but chooses to trash the whole idea of recent Papacy as simple and heretical! That is absurd indeed. Whatever some people think is Traditional in The Church can not be allowed to overrule the “Sitter of the Seat” of Authority. It is not traditional it is heretical, false and wicked. Such clerics that stand firm on their own understanding as greater than that of The Pontiff whomever he may be, is anathema!
    Pope Francis is The Pope and truthful Successor of St Peter and the Papacy. Any cleric within the Catholic Church that suggests otherwise is at least guilty of Disobedience to the Worlds Primary Bishop they have sworn in their own ordination and at Eucharist declaration to serve. Such acts are akin to nothing less than that of Iscariot himself!. Any lay person (though these seem to be led or misled by these wicked clerics) that assumes upon their own conscience the belief that they are equal or greater than the sitting Pope are wildly mistaken. Such a Conscience is not enlightened but darkened by presumption and falsehood.
    This is the real crunch of the matter. That so many have by their closed hearts and inferior intellects closed themselves to The True Apostolic Catholic Church led on earth by Pope Francis today. The idea that being this so-called traditional Catholic in some way or other means that they wrap themselves in past glories merely shows they have petrified the sea of grace in their hearts. This is an abomination to Our Lord and mocks him in wicked, mortal and grave error.

    • Even popes have made mistakes, and while that does not excuse us of our duty of obedience, we Catholics have the right – yes, even the duty, according to Canon 212 – to respectfully address and correct such errors, whenever possible. The pope is wrong on this one. He denigrates and demeans a large group of Catholic faithful while at the same time, misapplying a term that means something quite different, purely for political reasons. That makes him look foolish – and that weakens the Church.


      • Doug, I agree that popes have made mistakes (and will continue to do so alas) I also understand that despite our Christian charity and obedience we may also retain a moral duty to disagree when we understand they are in error as we see fit. Of course I would probably see a difference between public disagreement from a lay person and public disagreement from a cleric which may be dangerous and lead to universal scandal.
        I am probably certain? that whatever Francis said or did not say . .he did not intend any person or group to be insulted or demeaned by his comments. He was I suspect pointing to a growing rift between what is possible and what is vocalised in the Church Today.
        We recall his predecessor Benedict and his comment on a Byzantine emperor that upset a group of Muslims. It was never his intent to do this but the offence was whipped up as an attack against Islam itself. Often we must try to realise that Popes have to unite what remain diverse attitudes and still be faithful to the Truth of The Gospels. It is an impossible and ungrateful position but their attempt is what matters, not the result as that is for Christ to set right.
        When things are reported they often thus have their own agendas and whilst we rely on a true and balanced view of anything that occurs from our media it is rarely the case that is what we receive.
        At the start of his pontificate Francis must lead a bewildered and often silly flock of sheep that have their own ideas of where he must lead us. If we stay true to our faith perhaps we will also reach for the spirit of understanding and hence give ourselves the ability to forgive and allow our pontiff into what is his by the will of Mother Church.

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