Pro-life success story: Dad realizes – just in time – the true meaning of heroism.


One for our side!

ATLANTA – A nationally-recognized pro-life organization posted video footage on Monday of a man who went inside an abortion facility in Georgia to save the life of his unborn baby at the urging of a Christian sidewalk counselor.

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  1. Bullis and his kind—who literally put their freedom, fortunes and sometimes very lives on the line—are the true heroes of the pro-life cause. “Victories” for those who pursue the cause in the political vineyard consist of “won” elections and “passed” legislation, neither of which can ever be credited with saving so much as a single life.

    I withdrew my support from the political and politicized branch of the pro-life movement long ago, when it became clear how much it had become tainted by its own politics-driven compromises. The most obvious example: Every law voted for by “pro-lifers” to “restrict” abortion tacitly sanctions abortions that fall outside the “restrictions.” And, of course, we know that since all “restrictions” are subject to “life and health of the mother” exceptions, they really restrict nothing at all. At best, they merely make abortions occasionally inconvenient. (But they also help to fill coffers for the next reelection campaign.)

    Bullis et al. know better how to rescue the unborn from the abattoirs, and use that knowledge and commitment to decisively save them. And in so doing, they risk immeasurably more than losing money and elections.


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