A frank, entirely biblical discussion of grave (mortal) sins


Rather than give lots of commentary, I just want to post five biblical lists of the more serious sins that exclude one from the kingdom of God. Saying that these are sins that “exclude one from the kingdom of heaven” is the biblical way of saying they are mortal sins.

It remains true that some of the sins listed, such as lying, can admit of lighter matter. But as we all know, there are very serious and harmful lies that we can all tell.

And so the Lord, in love wants to urgently warn us of the sins that exclude us from heaven. In all the lists that follow, avoid adopting a legalistic mentality. Take them to heart and allow them to become part of your daily moral reflection. The Lord warns us in love that sin is very serious. Even smaller sins, unattended to, begin to grow like a cancer and can ultimately kill us spiritually.

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  1. I agree, these are the Scriptires, that will keep you from entering the Kingdom Of Heaven! We have been WARNED….it’s good to review, to make sure you know and get forgiveness and REPENT!
    There is therefore, no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not in the flesh, but in the Spirit! For, to be carnally minded is Death, but to be Spiritually minded is Life and Peace!
    Good Scriptures to follow!

  2. Yes, mortal Sin is to be avoided. Period.
    I probably should add that indeed it is difficult to commit mortal sin and one would have to be seriously corrupted to do so. There are people however that commit it and have no regard for doing so.
    The good news of The Gospels however and the Christian Church is that God is Love. We offend God probably daily and stupidly but he is like the Father of the Prodigal awaiting our return to him. More constructive to dwell on Gods Mercy (yes mercy always implies a threat but shows gentleness and kindness, understanding etc over Kingship and Justice) and remember that no sin means we are eternally excluded from being with God. Catholics have Purgatory for example wherein souls may be cleansed after death and by no merit they have earned themselves. The best thing to remember whenever we imagine or try to comprehend the terrible state of sin is that Jesus took his Passion and his cross for us. In other words, no matter what we do or have done or even may do Our Lord is fully aware of our hearts and minds and wills and he loves so much that he died for us. Indeed if we were the only sinner he would have died for that one as the Good Shepherd he is.
    Equal to the sins of Action are those of Omission and our Failure to do something. So for example against Obedience we can sin by disobedience and that is far worse than sins of the flesh that often are weaknesses rather than deliberate acts against God. All sins are forgiven if we repent them and if we love God despite our mortal inclinations then we shall always avoid damnation. Good News should encourage and uplift and allow us to stop sneering at Our neighbour and go before God boldly and with the innocence of a child.

    • While we were still sinners. he Died For Us!
      He was able to reconcile us to the Father, so that we may have Eternal Life!

    • “I probably should add that indeed it is difficult to commit mortal sin and one would have to be seriously corrupted to do so.”

      Really? Tell that to Adam and Eve.

      • Well Adam and Eve were disobedient of course but sometimes we are able to imagine that they were not “pushed” out of Eden rather than choosing to leave? But that’s another story.

        The proposition is that our understanding of Mortal Sin changes and has changed across the ages. What was once certain is uncertain in light of new revelations such as theft may have psychological illness behind it. Another is that Suicide as mortal sin remains uncertain in all cases. Indeed we must not “presume” to judge as that would be absurd.
        So it is not the sin it is our humanity and notions of Caritas that have altered down the century’s.

      • I believe the First Sinner Adam, escorted by his Helper Eve, were Pushed out of Eden…..and the guarding Angel was assigned to watch over the Tree of Life. No longer a plush garden, but thistles and thorns to contend with….and eventually Death! The wages of sin is Death, until Christ …who gave us Life Eternal

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