A troop of mini-Bergoglios


…it is not unthinkable for the CDF’s Archbishop Muller to go on the attack against traditional Catholics (particularly the SSPX), and if he does, I think Pope Francis will not stop him. I also believe Francis will appoint bishops who are indifferent or hostile to the Old Mass…




  1. Following a period of tentative diplomacy and conditional accommodation by B-XVI, the Church—as characterized by Her new Pope—is now continuing the persecution of Her own traditional Faithful, begun under Paul VI and maintained under JP-II. Unlike persecutions from without—which promote growth in Faith and Holiness by the blood of martyrs—this internal persecution promotes little more than hopelessness, confusion and chaos.

    May God forgive all who are responsible. And I mean all.

  2. Doug,
    On the Visuals!
    Really Terrible….what is going on!
    God.Bless the Lot of them!

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