The Dangers of Hospice


Every day, thousands of families have a loved one of theirs placed in hospice care, thinking that hospice is simply a place where elderly people die a comfortable, peaceful death. Days later, their loved one dies, and their family assumes that the person’s death was due to complications from an ailment they had, or just “natural causes”. But what they don’t know is that their loved one was murdered. And an unfortunate majority of others don’t realize it, either.

Hospice is a type of care that “cares” for elderly people who have illnesses. Their motive is to make the end of their life as peaceful as possible. Or at least, that’s what they say their motive is.

The reality is that hospice is actually a tool of the New World Order. Just as abortion kills unborn babies, hospice kills off old people, as a means of what is known as “population control”.




  1. I was in the Hospital a couple months back, and shared a room with a Terminal elderly lady. She had lived with Muscular Dystrophy for many years, and was placed in a Nursing Home. She now, presented with Pnuemonia, and was failing.
    Because, she was hard of Hearing. The Nurses had to speak LOUDLY
    They asked her Permission to see a Hospice Nurse, over and over.
    Finally, they rolled her out of the room to a Private room, I could still hear the conversation, something, about her believing in Jesus Christ, and relieving her pain.
    After reading this article, I know what Hospice really stands for… “Euthanasia!”

    In my Father’s final hours, with Cancer, along camr the Morphine Pump, he died several hours later, at age 65. We declined Hospice Care, and extended his life, for several years. In and out of Hospitalizations. He had many Priests visit him and anointing prayers.
    I always wondered about Hospice Care?..and now my questions have been answered?
    Thank You

  2. I consider the linked article informative, but not definitive, and caution readers against making blanket judgment. Extreme caution, surely, is necessary regarding anything that calls itself “hospice” (what’s in a name?). But that is true regarding any encounter with any part of the so-called health care “system.”

  3. This may be an “American fancy”? All I will say is that in the United kingdom we have excellent Hospice Movement. I myself have helped their cause and for example St Barnabas is a great Hospice that provides care to the dying in care and with care. Nobody is euthanized therein and the dying receive comfort as do their families. The Hospice movement here is something we are very proud of indeed and many receive backing patronage from the Catholic Church and others.
    Perhaps it is a problem with the notion of Health Care itself as in Britain a National Health Service which is far from perfect does provide care to all peoples regardless of their bank balance! This seems to be a big problem for America which provides care and then charges for it. I understand if you cannot pay you are subject to a lower standard of health care!
    As my own health is constantly under review, I am very fortunate to live in a country that I know will always do its best to try and care for me. I do not have to present insurance or bank statements to receive these.
    I found the article disturbing and puerile. It lacks any proper investigation and its generalisations about the Hospice Movement are unprofessional to say the least.
    I am sorry that Cathy has had a bad experience at the Hospice and the treatment of her family seems appalling but I wonder if there is not recourse in law? Certainly if that had been the result of somebody here in the UK over the hospice it would be sensational and rock the country in a media frenzy.
    Basically my statement is that here (in Britain) we have a great Hospice tradition and care today may well be second to none as the Hospices I know personally are of excellent quality through out!

    • Scampy22,
      Obamacare is a come-ing!
      There will probably be Hospice Mandate for all over 75!
      How can the Government pay for the extra Millions, being covered?
      Socialized Medicine will be a Giant Train Wreck in the United States…..Too Big!!!

      • There is some truth perhaps in the expense thing Cathy? In Britain the NHS (Nat.Health Serv) is one of the biggest drains on expenditure. But if all pay into it then it fudges along, well so far! Perhaps in the USA individual states could tax individuals according to income? I do appreciate that for The Republicans it is always going to be too expensive?
        Radically if the USA perhaps reinvested some of the capital used for its Massive Nuclear arsenal which is completely ludicrous and even immoral and made cuts to its Space Programme that hardly have the benefit they were once flouted as providing a start could be made?

        I do realise that however, such costs would undermine the almighty dollar. Greed and Abuse would mean that such an idea was always open to corruption and Obama does seem to be full of hot air over such matters. Bells around Cats necks come to mind.

      • Scampy22′
        Bells around a
        Cats neck is TOO Kind….for a Corrupt Dictator, like Obama!
        He wants to transform, this once Great Nation into a Marxist Utopia!
        BHO hates You Guys (Great Britan) too……don’t be fooled, by his Supreme Suave Oratory skills, taking the World in a Socialist direction! His book “Dreams Of My Father” is his Dreams, to punish the Nations of Imperialism! I guess he considers the U.S. An offshoot of Jolly Old England….which we are not!
        He plans on “Taking Us Down, A Few Pegs” and his Obamacare will do his bidding! People like their Free Stuff now, and will never turn back!
        BHO is an Activist too, Pro-Abortion, Pro Gay-Marriage, Pro-Redistribution of Wealth! He is for Hate Speech, getting rid of Christianity( totally against the words of St. Paul!), therefore, against Christ and His Church!
        His mantle is Liberation Theology, but not Christ Jesus!

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