Christopher A. Ferrara on diabolical disorientation in the Church. And the worst is yet to come.


It was not any “Fatimite,” but Pope Paul VI, who declared in 1972 that “the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God: there is doubt, uncertainty, problems, unrest. Doubt has entered our consciences, and it has entered through the windows which were meant to have been opened to the lightThis state of uncertainty reigns even in the Church…. We will confide Our thoughts to you: there has been interference from an adverse power: his name is the devil…” (Paul VI, Insegnamenti, Ed. Vaticana, Vol. X, 1972, p. 707.)

It is no use blinding ourselves to reality: we are indeed witnessing what Paul VI himself saw after his “reforms” were introduced:  diabolical interference in the life of the Church, the consequent decline of the Church since Vatican II, and thus the decline of the world at large along with her.

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  1. Am I, the only one who fears….The End is Near? the Smoke of Satan, has penetrated her for more than 50 years. The Brazil display of Worldly Junk, of the WJD, and after in Rome with the beach ball incident…..INDICATORS of SATANIC PRESENCE!
    It doesn’t look like Russia will be consecrated, if anything, it is going Atheist, Again!
    Please, I need your input!
    It looks like only the Elect will be Saved, chosen from the Foundations of the World…..The Fewness of the Saved!

    • I’m convinced things are on a big, long, downhill slide, but it’s difficult to put a time frame on these things. Only God knows when his forbearance will come to an end. Like in the days before Noah’s flood – people ignored the warnings, and they went on with business as usual – right up until the moment the rains began. And then it was too late – for all except Noah and his family. Only eight souls, in all.


  2. Doug,
    Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!
    Jesus did not mention Noah for nothing!
    Eye has not seen or ear heard what He has prepared for those, who believe!
    We have NO way of knowing The End, only God, The Father knows!
    This World, is becoming Hedonistic and Atheistic…..really fast and Knowledge has increased at an alarming rate(Prophetically speaking!) Woe, to those that do not believe!

  3. No one was more qualified than Paul VI to recognize and identify the source of the fumes that he smelled in the infamous quotation cited.

  4. Well what a lot of glum prophecies that is! I expect this article will fall on deaf ears or eyes but here I go.

    Firstly, Paul VI was very holy and often overlooked as such but as John 23 called him he was a little Hamlet. This was a reference of his life long inner debate of to be or not to be . . .My point is that lovely though he was he made decisions that often seemed to backfire. His great Humane Vitae being his most spectacular last one. What he understood was a good intent such as his visit to Jerusalem led to a maniac with a knife attempting to attack him!
    The reference to the smoke was not about some Devil winding their way into the Church it was about the smoke that envelopes many of the Popes good intentions burying them in countless theological turns and debates. The reference is not about devil worshippers inside the corridors of Vatican or about the fall of a Modern Church it was about the loss of many good people that could not see the Lord Jesus because of their own life decisions, pride or folly.
    The world back in the late 1960 early 70s was in great upheaval and communism was being flouted as the saviour of so much of mankind. Liberal theologies in America etc were leading many to betray their vows of fidelity, obedience and humility. It was a Church under attack.

    As we look around at the world today we may concede that the Church is still under attack and that great swathes of humanity are doomed because of their immoral and wicked lifestyles. Even in the Church, sex scandals etc have caused many to become bewildered and if we stop and view the world of nature, the weather and its turmoil we may also become concerned. Is their any chance of Salvation for the many or are we all doomed? Noah being a symbol of a tiny humanity that escaped Gods wrath but only just.

    Yet we must step back and try (this may be very difficult) to believe that God is at work in the world today and that evil has no real power because Christ Jesus is Risen! Whatever appears to be the case with peoples lifestyles etc we must not allow such ideas to blunt our hope or faith that God is with Us. There will be no new Noah and no universal flood. There will be new errors and new problems but that is never to be avoided. If we are tempted it is because Our Lord is so near to us. Unlike peoples of the past God is very near to our being and he fully understands what we suffer but we can turn that to our advantage. We are tested far greater in trial than in comfort and we must appreciate that Our Lord does not over burden us with sin or darkness and we are always in his presence even if we fall flat on our faces.
    I will restate what Pio always said and reclaim the Good news therein. “Do not be afraid, Pray and do not worry”.
    So be of Good Cheer because God in Jesus is always with us. That is the centre of our faith and must fill us with Charity and humility.

    • Scampy22,
      Do you really know, what Pope Paul VI was saying?
      My gut, says it was about Satan, infiltrating a Holy Church….because, it has!
      Yes, God is with us….and He works in our trials and broken-ness. (Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but he Delivers them out)
      God made a Covenant , there would be mo flood to destroy the earth again. In the New Testament, we are warned of Fire, as the wrath. We have been given Free Will, but He will return at his Second Coming, for the Righteous and Satan’s minions will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, along with Satan! HEAVY STUFF for Believers!

      • Cathy, yes I should know what the pope was saying and I think I tried above to alleviate fears of hell and damnation.
        Sorry about your gut but Paul VI was not meaning that Satan was inside the Church as I say above. It is a kin to Fatima and the nonsense that is spoken about doom and wrath there from. It has an entire industry backing it but it is left to proper scholarship to separate the truth from imagined sensational news.
        I hope that you understand that God is love and loves sinners. He did not simply come and go two thousand years ago and leave us to wallow in some terrible darkness but he is with us now. He has quite simply never gone away and any ideas of woe and damnation are utterly useless. To feel anxiety is very human but does nothing for our confidence in the Risen Christ. As Pio asked his friends worry is from satan and utterly useless. It destroys our peace of mind and God wants us to Love him freely and without doubt.
        I try to pray to the Holy Spirit whenever I feel gloomy and despondent. I think it will work for you too when you feel that Satan is inside the Church and leading humanity into eternal ruin if you turn and ask the Holy Spirit to simply help you and drive away such silly thoughts!
        They are silly because your faith in a Risen lord tells you that Jesus Loves you and is with us and expects us to be bold and confident in his grace. We should leave everything to him including our doubts and unbelief. If we manage that we shall find that our relationship with the King is greatly increased.
        Notions of his Second Coming are nothing new. The literature of the ages proves that even in the life time of his Apostles that was expected. Well it will come but we should do well to take comfort from St Peter when he advises that Jesus is not slow or forgetful but rather desires that we shall all be saved by him. Ever since Jesus ascension we have been drilled with prophesies of doom and disaster. Most of these have proven to be worthless and we move forward still. The end of the World in an Apocalyptic destruction does always however haunt our imaginations and we suffer from anxiety or woe because these terrible events seem to hinder our future salvation and the salvation of our brothers and sisters by Christ. We are consumed in a final ball of fire or whatever? But again I restate the simple fact that this is simply a mirage of Lucifer and even Hollywood has jumped in on the act. Put aside notions of despair, doom and catastrophe and replace them with notions of Trust, Hope and Love. I am certain n faith at least that this is always pleasing to Our Lord and ensure our benediction thereby.

      • Scampy22,
        Your words are comforting, but I have no fear, because the Lord, gives me a Peace that passes all understanding. The Second Coming of Christ was foretold by his Apostles, that lay their very lives, to Proclaim the message from Christ. So, I take them, at their word! Very clearly, this topic was addressed in ( Matthew 24, Luke 21, epistles of Peter and 2Thesalonians, and most importantly by St. John on the Isle of Patmos in Revelations/Apocalypse!)
        I believe this was the Inspired Word Of God, so therefore, I will go with the Apostles and the Lord on the Mt of Olives!
        We can only Hope and Pray that our Mother Church, will stay Holy, and Satan will not touch her! Christ gave us the Holy Spirit which will act as a Comforter and Helper, in order to reveal His Word and Glorify God’s Holy Name!
        The Holy Spirit will guide you, in Truth, as well, as all heirs to His Kingdom! He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and is seated at the right hand of the Father, and He WILL COME AGAIN!
        No Fear Here!

      • Scampy22
        I found an interesting YouTube, on Paul VI “Smoke of Satan”…when he released 32,000 Priests!
        YouTube:Paul VI Released 32,000 Priests
        MHFM 2min
        You must watch!

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