Irrefutable historical proof of Jesus’ existence – from multiple sources


You would expect a movement that began and then spread far and wide in only a few decades to have a founder, and—absent very strong evidence to the contrary—it does not make sense to reject the movement’s claim about who its founder was.

From non-Christian sources alone, we could have predicted that Christianity likely had a founder who lived some time in the first half of the first century.

When we find Christian sources agreeing with this and identifying that founder as Jesus of Nazareth, we have reason to credit this claim and to conclude: Jesus of Nazareth existed.

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  1. “Irrefutable historical proof of Jesus’ existence – from multiple sources”

    I.e., like, the Gospels?

  2. Yes but also from Pagan sources such as Tacitus etc and Suetonius and of course from the Martyrs that would die cruel deaths believing in this Historical man. Basically the notion of the Incarnation is reinforced again and again through out Scripture and our own Blessing by the Risen Lord where in he reminds Thomas of us that do not see yet believe!

    • Yes, I get all that. My point here is that the Gospels are not only irrefutable, they are the only canonical, divinely inspired accounts—which are also historically accurate—of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, Savior of the world. When we witness to Him, we must never even obliquely suggest that the Gospels are somehow deficient as historical proof and require validation from non-inspired sources (however accurate they may be).

      I know that you know all that. Just expanding on my terse original comment.

      • Yep! Got that Mark . . . .and yes you are correct!

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