By the grace of her divine Son Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary was victorious over sin and death.


There are many Catholics that deny that the Immaculate Mary died. They claim that when Pope Pius XII dogmatically declared the Assumption of Mary, he left the question open.

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  1. LOL. Its a proper theological minefield, hardly matters one dot and certainly never denies or interferes with the Doctrine of The Assumption but is always interesting and has two big factors for and against.

    Firstly it would not be without precedent if Our Lady had not died. In The Old Testament there are characters that escape death completely. Enoch in Genesis for example whom is the Father of Methuselah was a good man and “walked with God”. This is a term almost of a celluloid Film expression that God quite Literally walked with him into a divine Sunset and eternal Glory! Its always a surprise because it means that Enoch did not die but God came and took him quite literally (by the hand?) in eternal bliss. The reference means “He did not die”. Then more importantly we have Elijah. He is whisked away up to Heaven on a fiery chariot! The meaning is that witnesses see him ascend into glory alive and presumably in joyful laughter although the speed and drama of his physical ascension might make a few astronauts blush!
    And in the New testament there is the case of Lazarus. He whom Our Lord refused the sovereignty of Death to bring back to life. We do not know what happened to Lazarus afterwards but it is presumed that he went with Jesus into Glory as a second literal death of the body would be not neither required or reasonably imaginable.

    On the other hand we have the Understanding that Mary did die a human death (probably of old age) because in this way she resembled her Son in death and imitates his suffering. This is added to by some Saints and mystics understanding that she did experience death although this was sweet and happy.

    Neither argument or theory have been defined in themselves at this time. They are akin to that extraordinary conundrum of how many angels dance on the head of a needle. My own favourite is always to wonder after the Resurrection when Our Lord meets his Apostles on the beach with a barbecue. . and how did those fish get cooked? Did they leap at his command from the sea or did seraphim cook them for his majesty or did Our Lord go fishing himself? Extraordinary!

  2. WHOOSH….I am not going to touch this one! All the regular ppl (Mortal beings-(Enoch, Elijah)were Translated and our Lord Ascended into Heaven! He had arisen, from the dead. Christ conquered Death, Hell, and the Grave! In 1950, it was officially proclaimed Mary had been Assumed into Heaven, that she never died. The Catholic people wanted finality on the matter….and thus, the Dogma of the Assumption!
    This is WHY we have Faith….to believe the Impossible through God!

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