If quoting the Bible or the Catechism equals hate, then night has surely come to the West.

Homosexual activists and advocates often state that they merely want recognition and certain legal rights, and that churches and other objectors to their life style remain free to have their opinions and state them in a free culture. And any expressed fears regarding compulsory recognition or punitive measures directed against objectors are dismissed as fear mongering.

Never mind that these fears are based in real experiences in Canada and Europe where clergy have been arrested and fined for presenting the biblical case against homosexuality in the pulpits of their own churches or the pages of their bulletins.

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  1. Well, if you are an Atheist, it is obvious that Scripture equates to Hate Speevh! If you are Christian, you abide by Christ Jesus’ Holy Word! The Word is Very Clear, Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION!
    Sorry for your Mental Illness, I will stick to truth, for my Soul’s Sake!
    Non-Repenting Homosexuals, will NOT ENTER…THE KINGDOM OF GOD!
    Get Some Help…We Love You!

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