According to a new study, the more intelligent a person is, the more likely he/she would be turn away from religion.


Study: “Most extant explanations (of a negative relation) share one central theme —the premise that religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and, therefore, unappealing to intelligent people…”

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Editor’s note: All of which goes to prove the eminent practicality of Catholicism, which is based on Jesus Christ – an actual historical person – plus faith and reason – including the entirely logical premise that anyone who claims to be God and subsequently raises himself from the dead in order to prove it – most likely IS precisely who he claims to be!


  1. Is this serious?
    On the presumption that it really needs an answer here we go.

    Erasmus famous notion was In Praise of Human Folly. That it was according to the Worldly a thing most foolish this claim of God Made Man and foolishness to perceive a world created by a Loving God, entered into by that God and Redeemed by same God. That all such folly was against the very nature of reality. In his perception of Hell, Dante noticed that just before the damned are sent into torment they argue at the very gates of hell what is the meaning of life and cannot decide whom is right. In Don Quixote the hero is judged mad because he perceives the world in an eccentric design whereas the truly mad are the “normal” society about him. C.S.Lewis in The Silver Chair get Puddleglum to pronounce the ultimate exclamation of Faith against the Queen and her cronies. All these and more suggest that any judgement on belief by unbelievers is far more stupid than those that believe.
    Literature by its nature perhaps, does not recognise the clever and expected adult to be greater than children’s wonderment. Basically Christians must be child-like in their expectations of grace or else they shall fall deeper into despair. If we understand that Faith is a gift freely given and refuse it because it is not clever or we imagine we know that the faithful are fools whereas we know about the nature of reality etc and that does not have room for a god we are on the way to dark oblivion.

    Faith in the Supernatural Identity of a God(s) is usually founded in some tradition which comes from a historical line that has endured to date. This is interesting as no scientific formula has yet such a long lifeline and science remains by its nature fluid. There are no fundamental truths supposedly in science although it is very difficult to find a scientist that is not certain in what they believe from their own education.
    The fact that a study has now suggested that non believers are more intelligent is thus as sad and quite frankly ridiculous as the really stupid that were so deplored by the authors and their stories above! It is pathetic that money should be used to finance a report that is essentially intellectually and morally bankrupt! As if the world was not in a bad enough state without adolescent minds ignoring the truth of the superior religious mind over the atheistic claptrap of pseudo science!

    I am forced so often to shudder in horror because some university backed thesis can suggest its own agenda as being scientific and complete. The reason that so many small minded academics exist is surely because of sin and such reports as presented to a weary world as a scientific revelation of intellect. That such a study can be produced is horrible and is as far from Life as it could possibly be.
    It is as depressing as a sinking sun and though hardly new in its conclusions these remain at odds with just about everything of true reality. I have no idea why it was produced except for the benefit and advance of evil because like Communism unleashed that is all it serves.

    • Scampy22
      Well said!
      Only a Fool believes, that their is no God!
      Many Blessings to you,

      • Thank you Cathy . .and to you.

  2. There is no belief more irrational than looking around oneself—like a typical American educated in “science”—and believing that all you behold got there spontaneously by pure, blind chance.

    Yet, this is exactly what many “intelligent” people believe.

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