Anti-Catholic sacrilege in Equador results in official government apology

On Aug. 13, the president called Archbishop Voltolini “to apologize for the incident, especially because the Blessed Sacrament was in the chapel,” said Father Manuel Cedeno, a spokesman for the archdiocese.

The priest said that when he arrived at the hospital to visit patients last Friday, he was “surprised to see that they had taken over the chapel,” installing beds and removing everything that had been inside, including the ciborium from the tabernacle, which was in a pile with other sacred objects.

More from Catholic News Agency

Editor’s note: Too little. Too late. A deplorable lack of respect and anti-religious government abuse, coupled with clerical negligence. Why wasn’t the tabernacle locked?


  1. 2Timothy 3:1-9
    Complete Disrespect and Sacrilege to the Holy Objects, from the Government! At least they apologized, it could have been “0!”
    The Epistle, of Timothy, prophesies this type of behavior, by MAN!

  2. What? There was actually a tabernacle there? With the Sacred Species in it?

    Will wonders never cease!

  3. If they trashed the Church it is quite deplorable!
    Cautionary note however;
    Whilst we cannot accept the tabernacle being assailed and heaven knows what trampling of the Eucharist within? we must be careful in outrage.
    For example The Blessed sacrament is abused daily in our Churches by bad confession and by wicked people receiving Our Lord without love, care or respect. We recall for example the Mafia and its members, guilty of mortal sin they may attend a Mass and pray with their lips but their heart are full of hatred and contempt. In such coldness of heart they dare go and receive Holy Communion as if it were a pound of sausages! Outrageous.
    And we must be careful to read between the lines? The article suggests the priest went to a Hospital and found the church had been made into part of this building. We do not know why this happened. It is most grievous that in many countries Churches may remain remote spaces wherein the faithful or dying etc are kept outside and so it may be that the bewildered sick or Hospital simply wanted space and care. Its an odd way to go about it but in a rich western land we must not presume that such entry into a building is always inconsistent with the Gospels? No matter the building the lives of the poor etc are always to be regarded as greater importance as they are the Church more than stones no matter how pretty the latter.
    On the other hand, the pile up of religious articles does appear to be of a sad action that shows little respect and maybe from a politically leftist attitude towards the sacred.

    • Scampy22′
      You are right! We are the Body of Christ, with many members, and to receive Holy Communion with the Lord, we have to ask ourselves, Are We Worthy?
      Thus, we are the Church, much more important than a Physical Building! To purposefully desecrate the Eucharist, is an unpardonable offense….this can also be done Spiritually, by sinners, that should be excommunicated, for severly breaking the Law of God! Just off-hand, I am thinking Murderer’s – Supporting Abortion! Many BIG NAMES, fall into this category! Hey, didn’t Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi just receive the Holy Eucharist in Rome?

      • Cathy,
        yes we are in agreement here. I am uncertain of the people you name? perhaps in the USA they are important but the point is that I often disagree with the Church Hierarchy on this matter. They take the notion that we do not know the state of a person that goes for communion which my be true but we do know that scandal can grow from a two tier system. The powerful in the worlds eyes are often allowed for more liberal movement than the poor although it is the latter that constitute the Church proper and are redeemed by Gods grace.
        Sadly? it is no different than it was 2000 years ago when Our Lord noticed the Rich and Powerful in the Synagogues and saw them assume their place of honour. It could be said then as now by the temple authorities that they did splendid work and great things before the Holy of Holies. Alas Jesus did not share this opinion and he was always more interested in the truly repentant and the Lowly and the people that hardly dared to look up at the altar. For these he gave his body and his blood on a cross but for the mighty he had words of terrifying rebuke .. that they had had their reward.

      • Scampy22,
        I Never Knew You….The Reply, that the Unrepentant Pharisee, might receive at Death! Believe, that there are millions, that might be
        Deceived by Satan, and people of “Position & Power” all over the World!
        I believe the Root of Sin = PRIDE, and God draws near to the Humble[No Matter the Socio-Economic Status!] Belieth , in the Son of God is EVERYTHING and follow the beatitudes of the Sermon On
        The Mount, if confused. This is a wonderful guide! Do you agree?

  4. Yes Cathy, The sermon on the Mount is rather like Christianity in a verse. It sums up just about the whole business of salvation and the Divinity of Christ.

    Some of the Pharisees were just bad. They refused to understand or care about the Spirit of the Law and Jesus rebuke of them and at them is terrifying when we recall his personage within the Trinity.

    Yes I thereby understand and believe that Our Lord loves us and favours the Poor (both in finance and in spirit) because they have greater need of his help. The trouble with the Powerful, the wealthy and important is that they cloud our thinking that we have these things by right, hard work or earned them ourselves. The total reliance on God is left aside and we are in danger of forgetting that every Christian must share in Calvary before the Resurrection. We have earned nothing and what we deserve hardly bears think about!

    We may have worldly riches but these are as filthy rags to God. What we think is grand is often of little value to Our Saviour. To God we must give everything that we have and wish to possess, so that in the end our being and its holocaust is also his. It matters little if we live or die but how we live or die does. In this way our smallest deeds offered to God can draw down his grace upon our heads whilst great deeds in the world that bring us notoriety are in themselves worthless.

    Yes I accept Pride as the deadliest Sin but like the angel in one of Bosco’s dreams I also understand that it was DISOBEDIENCE that induced Satan to turn from Gods gifts of life and grace. That Pride led to disobedience and this sin is most active in the world especially within the Churches members. Bishops against Bishops and cleric against cleric because they have forgotten Gods Sovereignty and refuse to accept humility that would save them.

    Yes I accept that Satan, the devil is a real entity and personality. That he is essentially of an Angelic nature but this is fallen and lost forever because of his wickedness and pride, the refusal to bow before gods love etc. Further that Satan holds many within his power of sin and this is apparent in the world we live in (both today and in the past). Against this as Christian I believe that Satan’s power is essentially destroyed by Our Lord as our Redeemer and Saviour. That in effect the power of evil is destroyed by the Risen Lord. However, souls are allowed to wander and many (one is one too many) are deceived into various states of wickedness.
    I include myself in this and understand that my own state is far from heroic and is in constant need of repentance and renewal by Gods grace etc. As St Pio often remarked however, “if God was to judge us as we think then none of us would be saved”. The good news in the Gospels is that God so Loved us that he gave us his only Son. If as a Christian we do not therefore retain Hope then we are not Christians at all.

    Finally I also accept the belief in Purgatory, the place souls go to be cleansed after death. This is because God is Just and Good and otherwise such souls would not be able to enter into their heavenly reward. I mention this because it seems to me that these “Holy Souls” are saved after Death by Gods justice allowing his great Mercy to redeem us even when we have not won Heaven or been worthy of it. So great is Gods forgiveness of us “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” that we should always be thankful to him and praise his Goodness and forgetfulness of our errors against him.

    Hope that answers your question Cathy, bit of a long reply but hope its not too long.

    • Scampy22′
      Thank you for your Return Post. In John 15:5 Jesus is the Vine and we are the Branches …WE CANNOT DO ANY THING WITHOUT HIM! God is our Sovereign Source, so therefore all of our talents and gifts have been GIVEN to us by God…what we choose to do with these, is where the PROBLEM Begins (not Storing a Treasure for the Kingdom! Eye has not seen, or Ear heard, what God has prepared for those that Believe!
      Do you believe that All Catholics are Saved through Purgatory, that they are Cleansed and Purified longer…to Boldly meet the All Holy God? Does not the Redeemed Blood of Christ, clease the soul…and only through Him are we redeemed? That sounds a bit Protestant, sorry for that. 🙂

      • Cathy.

        Do you believe that all Catholics are saved through Purgatory . .

        Certainly not! I cannot see that all Catholics are saved especially if we consider those baptised Catholics that have been inconceivably wicked! I do believe in Gods Justice and for some this may alas mean hell.
        Whatever time they spend in Purgatory and no matter what purification they receive this is due to Gods Justice. No unclean or imperfect thing can go to heaven so Purgatory is the realisation of logic since very few if any could otherwise go to God justified.
        Alas Luther rejected Purgatory and many Christians have failed to believe in it. Odd that even many Catholics fail to believe in it but any study of Church law or the Saints will ALWAYS confirm it as a reality, as true as Heaven or Hell.
        Let me say that I believe many Protestants are Saved and that “anybody of good will” regardless of their faith or lack of it maybe redeemed by the Blood of Christ. His mercy is not about saving Catholics (that is absurd and denied by Tradition and the Holy See with some 25? other Christian faiths recognised as being part of the Holy See) it is about Saving mankind. Furthermore the salvation of his creatures such as animals is also revealed by his Resurrection.
        I have no patience whatsoever with those that place limits on Gods mercy regardless of what they think or assume is written on their stupid hearts of stone, cold and worthless to his grace.

        Hope that is a little clearer than mud? 😉

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