How much did Adam (the first man) know?


As we know, this magnificent angel – the greatest creature God had created up to that time – disobeyed God and fell into apostasy, and in so doing brought one third of the other angels with him.  The angels who thought to themselves, “we would rather be wrong with Lucifer than right without him”, got their wish and became demons, while those who remained faithful to God, in spite of the apostasy of their divinely appointed leader, were immediately confirmed in grace and now reign with God in heaven.

After the fall of the bad angels, God created man.  He endowed the first man with the preternatural gifts of integrity, bodily immortality, impassibility, and infused knowledge, which perfected him according to nature, as well as the supernatural gift of grace, which elevated his soul to the supernatural level, thereby making him a “partaker of the Divine Nature” (2 Peter 1:4).   By the gift of infused knowledge, Adam knew all that he had a natural aptitude to know (2), including knowledge of the physical universe, both material and spiritual, the moral law, the Divine Attributes of God, and man’s relationship to his creator” (3), as well as the supernatural knowledge necessary to guide him and his descendants to their supernatural end. (4)  All of the gifts Adam received would have been passed down to his posterity, with the exception of infused knowledge.

The reason his descendants would not have received this gift, according to St. Thomas, is because Adam was to be the teacher of all other men. (5) As father of the human race, he was to instruct and govern mankind, just as Lucifer was to govern and enlighten the lower angels. As we know, Adam, the father of the human race and divinely appointed teacher of all men, disobeyed God and fell into sin, thereby causing the Fall of the entire human race.  But unlike the angels who fell, God did not abandon man, but instead promised to send a Redeemer.

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  1. Where Adam brought Sin and Death to Mankind, Christ brought us Redemption and Life! That is ALL, we NEED TO KNOW….there is no purpose in knowing Adam’s Knowledge Base….we HAVE the SON OF GOD, as Our Saviour!

  2. You are correct Cathy! Alas the author of this extraordinary article is not!

    Firstly we do not know when the angels were created. We surmise that it was in the start of Genesis “….God created the heavens and the earth”

    Secondly, the act of Satan is as first an angel of Pride and secondly as a Murderer. He murdered the other angels that chose his rebellion against the Authority of the Creator, God the Father. Why this rebellion occurred we do not understand but it may well have been something to do with the design of the Mortal Human. Envy and Jealousy and hatred of the Man are key aspects of the Serpent in Eden.

    Thirdly, whilst the number is unknown, although we understand it was immense these angels after a war in the heaven were cast down to earth. Indeed Jesus affirms it in his statement of witness at this fall. The idea of one third of the angelic host destruction is based upon Apocalypse and the cast down of the stars by the Devil portrayed as the seven headed sky Dragon.

    Fourthly, no longer angels these entities became demons, devils, monsters. Because of their greater intelligence and the fact they had chosen freely in this act of Disobedience they cannot turn to God and ask for forgiveness. They had free will but these higher beings are forever condemned by their own intellect and will to hate God and his creation. In effect they are in Hell. They cannot now turn back to God as Pride etc will always engulf them.
    The famous tale of Satan moans before God that God forgives Man again and again for numerous sins whereas Satan is not forgiven! And God asks Satan but when did you ask to be forgiven?
    The theology is sound. Satan cannot ask for it as it requires humility and repentance which are essential if Sin is to be obliterated.

    Fifthly, This means that God has not abandoned his fallen angels. Indeed he listens to their pleas for mercy as when Legion begs Jesus not to destroy him yet and Our Lord bids him go. The mercy of God in Jesus Christ bestows evenly upon all that ask it and God does not hold favourites. Nevertheless, his Divine Goodness is capable of being rejected and for this reason His Divine Justice must and does act against the wicked. God does not like but detests Sin and Wickedness and those that enjoy its fruits. As Final King and Almighty Judge God will deal with the wicked as he will deal in a different way; with those that call on his mercy and love.
    We must not assume however that his Mercy has limits and that because he is all good he has abandoned the bad. Rather he is gentle and as St Peter discourse states he is slow to anger and swift to forgive. Yet we must ask to be forgiven.

    Sixthly, In Peter 2;1.4 the reference is to US all. It is about possibilities. The reference to Adam is not founded although Adam was to be the first Man. This reference is of course debated but probably best to see Genesis in the wider scope of its historical setting. As The first Book of The Pentateuch it was also responsible for placing the Jewish People as the people of Yahweh into a geographical setting on earth.

    Lastly Seventhly, Adams sin however it was brought about (as I pointed out to my sister-in-law whom thought I was in denial of the Original Sin . .I suggested that I do believe in Original sin but I do not have to believe it was brought about by a granny smith) made mankind fall and the stain of that First disobedience has marked humanity ever since. Yet it is absurdly wiped away by Gods grace. The Incarnation etc is as St Paul noted so much greater than the original fall it is a wonderment! Man is raised up by God to be heir with Our Lord and the Grace therein is of scary contemplation. We are raised to the pinnacle of Divinity and by grace won for us by Jesus everything is made anew.

    Interestingly of course the post script is that A and O (alpha and Omega) place God outside time and therefore God is Before the Beginning and After the End at the same moment. The I AM of Jewish proclamation suggest that Satan’s fall is because of the Man. Not Adam but the soul and so lead to Incarnate Lord. It is also implied because just at the moment of Adams disgrace God reveals the Woman (Mary) and her Son (Jesus) as the perfection of grace that would redeem the creation and set things right.

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