If we do not put our total and complete trust in God, can we be truly faithful?


Moses taking one extra “whack” at the rock

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you are saved through faith:
and that not of yourselves, for it is the gift of God.

Few persons are aware of the extent of their own deficiency in this respect. Most persons take the matter so completely for granted that they do not suspect themselves, and therefore do not examine themselves on the subject.

There is something so monstrous in not trusting God, that we should have thought it must be a rare thing among good people. But experience teaches very differently.   Many aim at perfection, and few attain it. In almost every case the reason of the failure is the want of confidence in God.

Many persons live for years always intending to begin to form habits of prayer, or habits of particular examination of conscience, and never really begin either the one or the other. The real cause of this procrastination is want of confidence in God.

Men try to give up habits of sin, and either intermit their efforts, or abandon them entirely, through want of confidence in God. When a man is scrupulous, it is mostly from want of confidence in God.

Our knowledge of our own misery, which makes us brave when we have confidence in God, makes us cowardly and mean-spirited when we are destitute of that confidence. Many persons take up supernatural views of things as intellectual convictions; and yet, when they are thrown into circumstances which, as it were, compel the acting on these principles, we behold not a vestige of them in their conduct. This also is a result of want of confidence in God.

We really, far more than we believe, look at religion, at prayer, and at grace as if the whole was a lottery, or something like it. A real believing prayer is by no means common. This is probably the reason why such an immensity of prayer seems unanswered. Many men content themselves with a mere indeterminable hope, which can never carry heaven by storm as confidence does. Let us look into ourselves and see if we really have true and solid confidence in God. Many remain beginners all their lives, because they have not confidence in God.

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  1. That’s a very good article.
    Lots of graces are lost because of our indifference and lack of Confidence in Gods Goodness, his providence and his loving mercy.
    Many believe in Gods power as if he was a supernatural tyrant dispensing thunderbolts at will or blasting wrong doers into the pit of hell. Few accept him as Our Father although our lips hopefully proclaim it daily.
    With life’s woes and problems we can become drowned in self desires and pitiful pleas of our own inability to accept that cross offered to us?
    With family, friends and wider society we learn to be critical and doubt and reserve our hearts for private whispers that are rarely even spoken. In effect our stupidity, sin and often selfish mortality blur the Goodness of God to an unthinking mentality.
    Yet prayer and good deeds, Scripture and reading of good books, Sacramental grace etc can all uplift these phantoms of cloudy darkness and increase our awareness of Gods Goodness. The ability to be confident in Our Lord is one of the greatest graces a Christian can obtain and will always increase the relationship of the soul to its master.
    We should be as St Theresa asked us to be; “Bold and confident before the throne of grace” and armed thus we shall please Our heavenly Father.

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