We all know about the “race card”. Is there now a “gay card”?

Read the AP’s “sappy” story about the profoundly troubled Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning.


  1. No matter what, may God bless, guide, protect and redeem Bradley Manning for what he—out of conscience—did for his country and his people! For revealing the sordid truth, and speaking it to power, he was tortured long and mercilessly by his government, and eventually broken into a “confession.” The playbook for his treatment was strictly Stalinist. Right here in the USSA!

    I know that he was “profoundly troubled” already. However, imagine what the treatment at the hands of his torturers did for his “troubles.”

  2. Whistlblower or Traitor?
    Chelsea/Bradley Manning, must have suffered greatly, with his inquisitors during his detention! Why would a Sick, Sick, Gay person, get himself in this Extreme situation? Just think, if this had happened in Iran….he would get a “Death Sentence”..no talk of Sex Change!
    I really don’t think there is a “Gay Card” YET!

    • “Whistleblower or Traitor?”

      Why would you even ask?

      I call your attention to three prominent current whistle-blowers: Manning, Glen Greenwald and Justin Raimondo. All three are homosexuals.

      God truly works in mysterious ways. And through puzzling messengers. All are not angels.

      If we reflexively reject any message because of any flaws on the part of the messenger, we risk missing the big picture, not to mention the message itself.

  3. Something odd going on here? I seem to be agreeing with you guys! 🙂

    My first thought when the story broke ages ago was that he was some kind of traitor BUT as the story has unravelled it seems he is a kind of hero that has indeed shown the military and its government to be deplorable.
    I hope they release him soon, doubt it as the government in the USA is positively wicked these days but we can hope!
    Lastly what does his sexual leanings matter? I cannot see that his sexual preferences are of anybody’s concern other than his own so this “point-the-finger” game by press etc is little more than attempt at character assassination. Don’t work with me so hope it doesn’t work with anyone else!

  4. Scampy22,
    His Sexual Preference has “0” to do with His case!
    The Gov is still incarcerating the anti-Islam Film Maker, for their Lying about Benghazi! The Obama Administation, and their Lying Staff, have their OWN AGENDA! Who knows what the PLAN is for Manning? I am sure there is an Ulterior Motive for these “Vipers!”

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