Homosexualism: A political ideology, often called “queer theory” by its proponents in academia

Despite what we are told all day by their collaborators in the mainstream media, from the six o’clock news to your favourite sit-com, this movement is not about “equal rights”. It is about re-writing the foundational concepts of our entire society. I predict that it will not be much longer before the pretense of “equality” is dropped, having done its work.

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  1. Well ,this Marxist ploy, has been going on for decades, usually through Academia! We now, have the Perfect Pro-Gay Activist leader, Obama, to Propell it along! Queer Theory, Karl Marx, would be Proud, if he was Living, seeing this Aborant Radicalization of the World!
    This may sound HARSH to some, but YOU ARE NOT a Christian, if you follow Homosexuality!

  2. “It is about re-writing the foundational concepts of our entire society.”

    More than that: it is about re-writing Divinely-ordained and -ordered nature itself.

    • Mark,
      Fine job in summing it up!

  3. I think the modern trend to adopt homosexuality as equality is like many modern ideas rather misplaced.
    Yet, it is true that Homosexuals have had more than a rough deal in society at large and it is not for any Christian to be complacent about the tragedy in History against these people. Tortured and killed they have and still do in many places endure wicked discrimination. It is true that the Christian must never accept brutality against any group of people because of their own differences, no matter what these may be!
    My next point is to note that Scripture tends to dislike homosexual acts and these are believed by the faithful to be inordinately wrong. But so are the more common heterosexual desires of a majority and it is nonsense for Christian to start to throw stones!
    That all said, Homosexuality in some western countries has many vocal supporters that are in ignorance of grace or its redeeming benefit for both the soul and society. Driven on by the cry for Equality (perhaps over responsibility?) the situation is akin to the French Revolution wherein the mobs determination for a good end allowed for errors in social justice.
    Lastly I cannot see that Marx would be pleased with the way society has moved in either Russia (wherein Gay persons are attacked apparently with state indifference) or in Western States where profit is rampant and the Gay Community is one of several that indulge in this materialistic fantasy!

    As I know several gay people and a few are Christians of good moral standing I am always upset that until now they remain outside much of Church thinking. The Catholic Church must be inclusive of humanity and not exclusive of humanity and on a personal level I am sad that so many more feel at odds with the Church. I am not stating that an openly homosexual lifestyle is a considerable asset to Humanity, society or the Church any more than divorce or living together or affairs can be tolerated. Sin remains the obstacle of Christian virtue but we must not assume a safe seat of observation where casting stones against these people is tolerated.

    • The widespread campaign for approval of the homosexual lifestyle and for permanent homosexual unions is the equivalent of a death warrant for the soul. The Catholic Church knows this and will never acquiesce. The biggest problem with homosexual unions is the fact that anyone who remains in such an arrangement places themselves outside the church’s ability to provide sacramental absolution for any of their sins. In order to make a good confession a person must be sorry for their sins and have a firm purpose of amendment. Anyone who is living together with someone in an illicit relationship – whether hetero or homo – is essentially “locked” into their sinful lifestyle, unable to satisfactorily repent and also unable to (practically) demonstrate a firm purpose of amendment. Unless and until they change their permanent, chosen living situation there is no way they can legitimately have their sins absolved in the confessional. At the same time, a repetitive sinner who engages in similar sexual sin, but continues to live alone, in their own residence, maintains the possibility of personal repentance, no matter how many times they might fail – so through the sacrament of reconciliation the church gives them the benefit of the doubt and absolves their sins – hoping that God’s grace will eventually fully remedy the situation. It’s complicated, but that’s just how things are. It is also very far from what might be termed “unjust discrimination” – for which there is never any justification.


      • Again Doug, I agree with the sentiment if not the reality.
        The official line stands but it is elastic because we must not imagine what this or that persons soul is like either by implication, authority or canonical law.
        The act of homosexual sex is not to be accepted but the fact is that Homosexuals are and must be treated with kindly gentleness. As I argued above their history has been deplorable and they have suffered terribly because of traditional society not seeing them in the light of Christ’s Love.
        In the same way, heterosexual couples also meet the same danger in temptation and obsession in modern life and need contrition. It is too be hoped that all communicants of The Blessed Sacrament for example profess an inner contrition if not a public one before they receive communion.
        We must however not stop a communicant from Communion unless there are extreme measures for doing so and certainly no sexual misconduct alone can change this fact.
        My writing above was simply to remind us all that we must not engage in attitudes that exist in some Church Corners best summed up as “Holier than thou” and “that type of person is so sinful they must be ostracised by us Good folk”. That cannot be right and is far more dangerous than the sins of the flesh!
        As Christians we must not become like the Pharisees and dictate Law whilst being whited sepulchres! Our Lord reserved his strongest condemnation for such people and we shall do better to recall Love and then Love and then after that Love again.

      • Out of respect for God and in order to (hopefully) preserve our own soul, we must receive the Eucharist while we are in a state of grace. One who cannot have mortal sins absolved in the confessional does not lead a holy life and is evidently incapable or unwilling to do what’s necessary to properly make peace with God, so must forego the Blessed Sacrament, as sacrilegious reception only makes things worse. As I pointed out – this is true for illicit unions of heterosexuals as well as homosexuals. It’s God’s law. No unjust discrimination exists. But “just” discrimination is required, in every circumstance, including our own personal failings, since God’s judgment is real and true. Whitewashing another’s sins can lead only to hell, for both parties. If we love our neighbor, we must do what we can to keep them out of hell, by telling them the truth, with no false accommodation for political correctness. See the link dealing with admonishing sinners, which is one of the spiritual Works of Mercy:



  4. Thank you for your good if not official reply Doug.

    The two things I note are that: 1.Reproof shall be done privately and 2. not usually by *impeachable” lay persons without official capacity.

    So whilst I understand the sincere belief that persons leading sinful lives? may have to be corrected I am glad to see that such a burden is not on the layperson nor should be. The Church retains as it always has done since Constantine the independence and Authority to act against individuals where it alone sees fit.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong! The spiritual works of mercy (admonishing the sinner, etc.) are incumbent upon every Catholic – clergy or lay person. When well organized groups publicly lobby for the unqualified approval of their spiritually deadly lifestyle choices, it is right and just – and required – for faithful Catholics – both clerics and lay people – to respond – in public – with the Catholic truth. To do anything less would be a sin of omission.


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