A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of The Catholic Church


FEW Catholics know of The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, a secret document written in the early 19th century that mapped out a blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church.

The Alta Vendita was the highest lodge of the Carbonari, an Italian secret society with links to Freemasonry and which, along with Freemasonry, was condemned by the Catholic Church.

Fr. E. Cahill, S.J. in his book Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement states that the Alta Vendita was “commonly supposed to have been at the time the governing centre of European Freemasonry.”

The Carbonari were most active in Italy and France. In his book Athanasius and the Church of Our Time, Bishop Rudolph Graber quoted a Freemason who declared that “the goal [of Freemasonry] is no longer the destruction of the Church, but to make use of it by infiltrating it.”

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  1. Another masonic plot!
    What a surprise!!
    We have had P2, Illuminati and now the Carbonari! Even the Vatican itself has been suspect to these darkly satanic groupings! Amazing what a fevered authors intellect can produce if the cheque is bigger enough?

    How disgraceful if I were to suggest that there are many good freemasons and they neither worship Satan or are engaged in plots to bring down society, wreck the church or infiltrate it big time! I do not see a stampede of publishers rushing to produce such an apologetic but there again I suppose truth seldom gets a reward. Why write something worthwhile when there are articles by the ton to fuel the fearful with whispers of some underground terrors just around the corner waiting to pounce!

    • Satan prefers we believe that he doesn’t exist – and the same goes for the organizations he runs.
      It’s not another plot – it’s just a continuation of the ancient struggle between good and evil – specifically, the Catholic Church against the forces of the world, the flesh and the devil. Call it what you will. St. Paul termed it the mystery of iniquity – and it was already in full operation during his time. The Kingship of Jesus Christ and his Church vs the glorification of sinful mankind, courtesy of Satan. It’s real and it’s here. All you need do to confirm is read today’s news.


      • I agree your point that Satan’s greatest wish is to be Hidden and not believed-in Doug. That’s a well known certainty within the Church at large. I also take the point that the Church is engaged in warfare although I also take St Pauls that this warfare is often a compromise in as far as Satan does not get to overturn the Gospels and the Angels do not get to deal with Satan as they would wish. As Jesus points out the darnel shall grow with the wheat until the Harvest at the end of the world. Rain pours on the godly and ungodly alike!
        I however understand that the Dominion of Jesus is not so Black and White. That we are not encountering the forces of evil daily as we may well be defeated because of our fallen nature. Rather that Divine Providence protects us and is tolerant and gentle of our weaknesses. We are in no position to declare Crusade but that is OK as we are rarely asked to do this.
        My point is that from this I understand that God works in many mysterious ways and that he works through organisations that are sometimes and in some places objectionable towards the Catholic Church. Basically what I say is that just because an organisation is not fully incorporated into the Holy See or it may even be (apparently hostile? Though again St Paul warns not to judge on the understanding that devils may look bright and angels look mysterious to our imperfect eyes) running in opposition to the Church at least in officialdom, does not mean it belongs to Satan.
        Whilst we shall know them by their fruits we see that many charitable organisations help in varied ways and these may even be founded by atheists etc.
        Point? Satan is not omnipotent unlike God and his mercy and his wonders to perform. So tarring masonry with the tar-brush and denouncing it all as satanic is weirdly unchristian.
        Indeed the news (which I reiterate is based not on truth or reality but on what sells and supplies business needs or tittle tattle) is full of terrible tales and the like. Yet if we believed this was all that there is then we should surely go and hang ourselves! It is thankfully a matter of providence and intellect that we discern truth from truth., light from light, true god from true god.

      • If you carefully read the whole article you would have noticed that several popes taught very specifically that Catholics should have nothing to do with Free Masonry. They cautioned that if we did, terrible things would happen to the world. Sometime around the middle of the 20th century, church officials decided to discount the wisdom of those past popes and engage in “dialogue” with these sworn enemies of the Catholic Church. One only needs to look around at the present state of the world to see that the popes were precisely right. As Catholics, we ought to be able to understand such things, without first having to experience the type of practical, negative experiences that send many souls to hell.


  2. As you know Doug, it is still “official” that Catholics may not join Freemason Lodges. It is also the case that this fury was added to by the fact that the Unification of Italy against the Papal states was also wholly freemasonic.
    Yet the Church in more recent times has understood that the pressures of the world on the faithful etc can cause many to join these organisations and that some continue to remain Catholic or other Christian. Whilst many Christian churches see Freemasonary as incompatible with the full Christian life other do not. Indeed many Protestant Bishops remain masons.
    Recently the Catholic Church has granted that its opinions in the past against individuals has not always reflected Christian Charity and even past popes have alas been in error, some in grave error.

    I am forced to reject notions that state the world has incurred dire consequences because of masonic Lodge activity or otherwise. That is almost barking! The world seen from a certain view point is full of souls ready to be condemned and sent into oblivion but that is not Catholic or even Christian. The rejection of the Gospel News will always led us into that kind of temptation of despair but it is no more than a cloud of smoke sent to deceive the faithful and must be rejected.

    I have no idea what sends a soul to hell. I rather understand that as in the words of St Pio “If we were judged according to justice then no one would be saved” (para)
    I do understand that the Gospels reflect a version of a Loving God full of mercy and compassion that loves sinners and desires them to come to him. I also understand that many Saints especially in the recent past have advanced the idea that we should not judge others as that is against Charity and displeased Our Lord. Rather we must treat all peoples kindly and with charity and ask or presume nothing for them or ourselves excepting Gods infinite mercy and Love.
    I do not accept free masonry as the route that necessarily leads to grace as neither with Catholics that may presume eternal judgement on their neighbours.

    • Your particular tenets of Christian love apply to individuals, but not to organized groups. Such groups are very clear about their purpose, particular positions and intentions. To allow such intentions to go unchecked – or to “throw in” with them – would not only be foolhardy – but would also constitute a grave sin. I seem to remember you Brits getting rather militant when the Nazis attempted to invade your little island. Was that an error in judgment, or was it simply a correct response (self defense) to a vicious attack by unbridled evil?


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