Michael Voris: Obama and the Democrats care for the poor like Hell … and many Catholic bishops are willing accomplices

Their social justice garbage and pretended war on poverty has been and is nothing more than a giant wealth re-distribution program aimed at creating an enormous underclass that they throw a few crumbs from the table to so they can get their votes every election cycle.

They have wrecked the schools, planted Planned Parenthood in their neighborhoods, backed any and all thoughts, fads and philosophies that decry any reverence or thought of God, appointed judges who dismantle whatever natural law reasoning actually was present in the founding documents and directly caused the deaths of tens of millions Americans who were never given a chance to see daylight.

This has been their game plan and action since Lyndon Johnson and his so-called Great Society back in the 1960s. And what do we have – death, destruction, marginalizing and mockery of religion and society rushing headlong into Hell.

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Submitted by Nancy W.


  1. The Voris person is the quintessential rebellious soul that being a convert to I know not what, has and continues to assail the Catholic Church with his own brand of catholic imagination.
    As a European I view the inner workings of the United States political shenanigans with bemused interest. The disorder of ideas within the state seems to be pretty much what it is across all Western Countries and always has been, depressing though that idea may be. The violent antagonism between the Democrat and Republicans that has engulfed the United States is a sign that neither party are content with their leadership and from a Catholic Church position this is somewhat disappointing especially in the Modern “liberal-democratic” world. What is needed is not entrenched ideas but proper diplomacy and a sense of we shall put things right over time but not in a day.
    Nevertheless, such vociferous attacks as often presented on the American Bishops, be they thought liberal or Conservative by such persons as Voris remain unacceptable to the One and Holy Apostolic Church! They are the ravings of an idiot!


    • I lived in Chicago during the Bernardin era and my current local bishop served as the go between for Cdl Bernardin and his homosexual accuser – with a negotiated settlement of around $2 million. Before that we had Cardinal Cody, who had plenty of his own personal peccadilloes with which to deal. Things have been very bad around here (the home of Al Capone, the Chicago Political Machine and Barack Obama) for several generations and the Church has done little to combat such forces – rather – it appears to have accommodated them, instead. I also know Michael Voris personally, and he is neither an idiot or a fool. He knows how things work – and don’t work – in the church – and he’s not afraid to speak out about it. The ravings of an idiot would be much easier to endure than 50 years of virtually unbridled corruption, malfeasance and modernist heresy, at the hands of many of our Catholic bishops. I’m beginning to suspect things are so bad over there in England that you no longer have any real, practical frame of reference with which to properly evaluate these things. Mr. Voris crusades against “business as usual” in the American Church, which over the past 40 years, has cost the Church more than $2.5 billion dollars – along with much of its credibility and moral authority, bankrupted several dioceses and ruined hundreds of lives, while church attendance and general participation and fidelity to genuine Catholic principles has drastically declined, by almost every measure. Perhaps you find all this to be unbelievable – but I assure you – it is true. With results like these, any conventional organization or company would have long ago, sacked all of its executives and/or been driven out of business. Yet somehow, the Catholic Church remains. It’s a miracle! And it would be a scandal and a dereliction of duty for a Catholic to keep quiet about such things. See Catholic Canon Law – Section 212.




      • I also have “met” the Voris person on line Doug! He is the very worse sort of person indeed he had the effrontery to call yours truly “evil” before I pointed out his error and he quickly withdrew it.
        As it was with the Gnostics and others that plagued the Church and led many astray so it is with the Church today. False Prophets and the like plaque us still so we must all be on our guard. The spirit of darkness that slanders the Church is with us still and I recognise it in such a person is this character!
        Let us just say that we cannot ever have common ground over this person, what they say or do. I am sad that you know him because it is something I can not have any truck with whatsoever!
        That I realise may mean that Scampy22 can no longer write for any of your blogs because it is your blog site and on this “subject” we are totally and irrevocably at odds. I am sorry but I remain utterly convinced that Voris is truly Satanic and his deceptive qualities are unacceptable to any Christian future we have.

        I do not know what the state of the Catholic Church is in Chicago. I must say I find it hard to believe that the Hierarchy is always incompetent or just plain bad there? Disagreement and Misunderstanding can often be inflicted on people and they can grow apart thus. If the above V-person and his spouting has any influence? it will be against them and I am not surprised that many are in anxiety when in truth they should be glad of Gods great mercy to them.

        Lastly the state of the Church in England will depend upon a point of view. From my point the state is that it remains very Celtic in origin and whilst never officially disobedient to Rome retains its own character. This is I am bound to say a good thing and allows Roman Catholics to work very closely with our Protestant brethren. If one were to view the Church from the above Voris Persons viewpoint it would be seen as so much of the Church as Too liberal and apostate in its mission. I know where I stand and what I believe. I am sorry if that does not go down too well across the ocean but I think I am right here and that the Voris person and all its devotees are mistaken and in grave error!

        I would like to thank you Doug for allowing us these last few days to respond to the blogs which have been thought provoking to say the least. I trust that my own self has shown another if not contested view that at least has made you and your readers think. As I say above I am sorry but I will not have any truck with anything that stinks of the Voris person or its statements as I find these a total Anathema. I wish you well and shall pray for you and all yours.



      • I never said that Michael Voris was always right or that the church hierarchy in the U.S. was always incompetent and/or corrupt. I merely pointed out certain facts which are known to be true, based on recent history and actual events. Your prayers and your comments are always appreciated, so there’s really no need to go away, unless you don’t feel up to the continuing challenge.



  2. “He is the very worse sort of person indeed” says Scampy 22, who dubs Voris “Satanic” and one deserving of eternal damnation. WOW, talk about shooting the messenger! Scampy 22, show me where you have spewed such vitriolic against those destroying the Church in England, from within. (Insert, I would guess, crickets chirping.) Scampy, I think I speak for most readers of Doug’s solid analysis when I say, old chap, don’t let the back door hit your groveling arse on the way out. As it turns out you did not have the guts to run with big dogs at the twilight of western civ. You would likely be most comfortable under the back porch slavishly liking some elitist pedophile’s hand.


  3. Doug,

    I was going to leave but after speaking to a mentor I am advised to stay. They believe I will do more good here standing up for the Truth than allowing a run-a-way train in freedom of licence.
    Thus although I personally detest Voris and all his works I am ordered to remain. I hope that meets with a suitable nod of approval and suspect it will.
    The thing I would suggest about the whole unsavoury mess is that whilst canon law accepts individual ability to point out this or that; Other persons such as St Pio did not. Under great pressure from the Church Hierarchy he suffered terribly and his life is dreadful in the way he was treated by Bishops and the like. Some of his Lay friends gathered together and taking up the cause attacked what was clearly bad management in the church. Of course they could do so and in their eyes their cause on his behalf was not only Just it was true and Divinely inspired (Joan of Arc treaty etc). Yet Pio did not see it that way and warned them to desist because they may not be free to attack Mother Church even if they considered it wrong or doubtful in a particular matter. Pio reminded them that they were not justified before God in doing so and that all temporal matters end sooner or later no matter whom causes them.
    For this primary reason I detest Voris and his vociferous snarls against the Church and its hierarchy. Whilst I may agree that there are some appalling matter that are inconsistent with Gods revelation I do not understand these as being worth attacking Church for. I hope that is a little clearer than mud?
    Your friend. Paul


    • I understand – as I always have. Hang in there. There’s plenty of room for various opinions – but it does get a bit “heated” sometimes. I had dinner and a long, theological discussion with a priest friend, yesterday. His approach was similar to yours, while mine was closer to Voris’. We understand each other better now – and we’re still friends! Rarely is somebody 100% wrong – or 100% right. So let’s enjoy the “dialog” (as our new pope likes to do) and see what happens!




  4. bib

    Thank you for your well thought out and constructive comment. Typical of what I expect from a Voris apostle. Full of maturity and Christian charity!
    Yes I am being sarcastic .. just in case you fail to see the irony in my comment.

    I was going to reply with some fervour to your comment and dissect it piece by piece but I was instructed that we shall not stoop to the gutter because our brethren are still there. So I will state only a few points as charitably as I may and trust you will learn from them.

    I simply do not understand anyone is destroying the Church from within. Not even Voris whom may try but will never succeed. You see God is about Love and Love will always triumph! So The Church in England is doing fine, thanks. As part of the Universal Church it is Apostolic and Holy and True and shares with the American or African or Asian or Timbuktu Church or wherever it is on earth, a deep spirit that is exalted in Heaven as God.
    No I really do not care if most readers (no evidence but there we go .. ) of this site or any other site do not like what I have to say? Truth is never comfortable is it? We suffer because we are all bound to stand up and address the truth. If a thousand times a thousand times a thousand did not agree with it? what is that to me? Nothing!
    Calvary is a painful walkway but Christians do not get a choice! As you mature you will come to understand that the crowing mob is nothing to chase after and what your peers think is of secondary importance to the Truth. I know it is hard to accept but try and ask for guidance and Wisdom to be given and be of good cheer.
    I have no idea what you think I do? The idea that I should be grovelling or licking a paedophiles hand is disgraceful but you know bib it tells us something about you and nothing about me! Insults (directed against individuals without common sense or rational logic) seem to be spectacular at the time but they are really quite worthless. When you grow in faith you will come to understand that they are silly and really rather pointless and harm the person that speaks/writes them more than they know. Hence the Spirit within will speak through you. Hence a persons being is shown by what comes out of their mouth.
    So in a spirit of Charity I hope rather that you grow in the faith of Christ. You will as you do so not need to resort to profanities and silly infantile statements. But try and be of good cheer always and I offer you my prayers and kindest regards.


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