An estimated 20,000 people showed up in DC for MLK 50th. Media goes crazy. What about the 200,000+ pro-lifer’s who have showed up every January for the last 40 years?

The “crowd” in the grossly-over-reported 50th Anniversary observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech has been eclipsed, by a factor of at least ten, every year for forty years by pro-lifers who have marched, since 1974, in annual remembrance of the mega-lethal Roe v Wade decision. Indeed, the annual headcount at any one of these marches would rival or beat the attendance at the original event of 1963 that was recalled this Aug. 28, 2013.

These regular, massive pro-life gatherings are scarcely ever recognized by the “information” media, let alone reported. Yet the victims of “discrimination” and “lynchings” from legalized abortion–in any given year–exceed the numbers who suffered from race-based discrimination and death in all of our country’s history.

Submitted by Mark H.

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  1. A very sad commentary, on The Progressive Media!
    Journalism is just a Vapor in the Wind, in our everchanging Secular World! Like aliens, they don’t see, they are subscribing to Moral Apathy, and taking the Duped with them into Darkness!
    It makes the Morally Sound, weep!

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