Proclaiming God’s truth when nobody cares to hear (or heed) it

Honolulu’s Catholic Bishop Larry Silva has issued an “urgent” appeal against gay marriage in Hawaii, arguing bluntly that some forms of discrimination are acceptable — including discrimination against same-sex couples.

The prelate’s appeal came as Gov. Neil Abercrombie is being urged to call a special session of the Hawaii Legislature to legalize marriage equality.  Six states including Washington have legalized same-sex marriage in the past year, and a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has brought marriage equality back to California.

“The language of the proponents is meant to convince us that this is a civil rights issue and that anyone who does not agree is bigoted,” Silva wrote.  “Do not be led astray with such language, and do not allow yourself to be bullied by it.”

The Honolulu bishop is — literally — urging his flock to hit the beads.  Silva told Catholics they should pray the rosary daily against same-sex marriage, and “if possible” recite their prayers around the State Capitol block in Honolulu.

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Editor’s note: Ever since the homosexual community managed to dodge the primary responsibility for the spread of the HIV virus – and induce the government to pay the tab for both the care and the restorative therapies – it was apparent (to me) that some type of malevolent, even demonic force was at work in the body politic.

The demeanor of many homosexuals and homosexualist groups – including the Democratic Party – seems to confirm this, so Bishop Silva’s approach is absolute correct and eminently practical.

We should all join in his Rosary campaign.


  1. In this week of remembrance of the great 1963 march for civil rights and equality, it is ironic that we Truth-believers are no longer just being restricted to the back of the bus. Indeed, we are being muscled off of the bus and into the street, there to face the vicious dogs, water cannons and truncheons of the angry, ascendant perverts. They are not content with merely seizing “rights” for themselves in defiance of nature and nature’s God. They will not stop until any and all who merely disagree with them have been utterly crushed.

  2. Always a great idea and habit to recite the Rosary or its prayers. A decade every day and build on that. One of lifes better habits to get to know the Madonna and grow under her gloria.
    Shame it is always brought to the fore to stop something bad etc. Better to learn to give up 20 minutes because we want to love Our Lady more! That will mean we adapt to the rosary rather than the other way around.

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