What President Obama was overheard saying at a White House reception last night:

“Man, can you believe they have me speaking tomorrow, 50 years to the day of the greatest speech ever given. That’s like following Jesus.”

Editor’s note: Mr. President … how would you know what it’s like to follow Jesus?


  1. As far as Im concerned, that is Blasthemy…..equating a Man with God!
    That’s like the Artist depicting Obama, as the Messiah, with the Crown of Thorns! Now Obamas handing over his godhood to another black god…
    Sounds, polytheistic to me…..I thought he was a Christian. 🙂
    Muslims believe that Christ was just a Prophet. There might be something there!
    Was he educated, with the Koran?
    I read an article, that says he believes : there are many ways to get to Heaven……He is No Christian, the only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ!

  2. Cathy covered the obvious blasphemy. Pray he knows not what he does.

    I’ll add this: “…the greatest speech ever given”? Highly debatable. That opinion betrays tunnel vision, short-sightedness and an utter lack of historical perspective.

    Pandering at its most obvious.

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