Bradley Manning: a pervert who should have been booted out of the service years ago and should never have received a security clearance.

The key question – not pursued by the media – is why Manning was allowed to remain in the Army when he was acting in violation of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” policy.

Manning will pay a price in prison, but those who permitted this to happen have still not been held accountable.

In our August 1, 2010, article “Military Homosexual Scandal Tied to WikiLeaks Treason,” we noted reports that Manning, the U.S. Army Intelligence analyst who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks, was not only a homosexual but was considering a sex change.

Adding insult to injury, this traitor is now making this official, hoping the taxpayers pick up the bill.

We asked at the time, “Who in the Obama Administration – and the Department of Defense – was aware of his conduct and looked the other way? Was Manning given a pass because his ‘lifestyle’ was considered to be in favor and acceptable under the Obama Administration?”

Manning claimed connections into the Pentagon and the White House. Our media never followed up.

We noted that “The revelations of Manning’s openly pro-homosexual conduct suggest that a more liberal Department of Defense policy, in deference to the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief, had already been in effect and has now backfired in a big way.”



  1. This is the classic “shoot the messenger” tactic in order to draw attention away from the message.

    Obviously, this columnist would preferred his country be lied into perpetual wars 24/7/365 by heterosexuals than to learn the truth from a “pervert traitor.”

  2. Bradley Manning (BradAss) had to have KNOWN as a flagrant Perv, many years back, and yet they gave him Any Clearance! Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, was such a Fair way of letting queers join the Big Boys in Military Life. He should have humbled himself and rejoiced that he could enter the Service. Instead, he basked in the lenient, nature of the O Administration and became a Real Show-Off with Leaking Classified Material! This utter disregard for his Nation, finally caught up with him!
    I have No Respect for the Govt. If they allow Tax Payers to flip the bill, for his Transgender Sex Change, while imprisoned. When he is released… He Can Pay For It!

    • “Show Off”? Oh, c’mon, Cathy! Manning was tortured by his government and subjected to sub-human conditions of imprisonment, without even a charge, let alone a speedy trial, for well over a year! No human being has the right to do that to any other human being, regardless of issues of sexual orientation. Which, by the way, was not the issue here, lest you forget.

      Mannings motive(s)—self-aggrandizement, martyrdom-seeking, altrusim or any other theory one can theorize—do not matter. What matters is what we learned from his “treasonous” disclosures. And what we learned is: Our government has been lying to and betraying us for many years through its military/surveillance complex. Manning took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. When he found his government collectively betraying that very oath with routine perjuries to its people, he blew the whistle. What would you have had him do instead (besides quit the military and go straight)?

      Do you enjoy being betrayed and lied to as a US citizen? If so, just keep right on focusing on the faults and tangential issues of the messengers, while disregarding the messages.

      • I was talking about before he got caught!
        This was before any Govt torture!

      • “I was talking about before he got caught!”

        I beg to differ. Re-read your entire post.

  3. I don’t have the complete story on our Gay Messenger and I really don’t have his complete message! All I am saying is “why did the Govt. Give this Nobody Homosexual Security Clearance, in the First Place?
    Really, I should not have called him, “Nobody”…..God is no respecter of person! If he wants Eternal Life, he must change….and not change to Chelsea….poor Messed up Soul!

    • “…’why did the Govt. Give this Nobody Homosexual Security Clearance, in the First Place?'”

      A fair question to pose. I’ll try to answer it.

      The US government has given security clearances to tens of thousands of “nobody” employees. The same government routinely labels as “top secret” hundreds of thousands of documents. The same government singles out people like Manning (i.e. unsanctioned leakers of “secrets”) for prosecution and persecution, while paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to sanctioned leakers (aka “spokespersons” and “official sources”) to selectively leak to the media information that, coming from a Manning et al. simili would bring down torture, show trials and prison terms.

      Do you get the picture now? Our government—as shown by the collective actions and policies of its functionaries—is, at once: vicious, ruthless, sociopathic and incompetent.

      I encourage you to look further into what was revealed in the documents sent to Wikileaks by Manning. What you learn will open your eyes and sicken your stomach.

      • I suppose, I am playing into their Flthy Mind control….like all the others! I’ve always been skeptical, of the Government, but try to shelve, what I think might be going on, to have peace and not worry!
        I may take you up on the offer to check the Wikileaks documents!

  4. How interesting to see inside the American debate!
    Not sure but does his personal sexual preferences have anything to do with his job? I cannot believe that his life style was ever a shock or a surprise and I find it difficult to believe that anyone can imagine it would affect his behaviour in the case.

    I do find myself agreeing with you Mark, that he has been badly treated by media and worse by his democratic government? One recalls Bush comment that he had 250 million employers? Something along those lines . . .if the Government did what this ex soldier is accused of saying they did .. and it seems they did . .then his government should be on trial. I expect that History will look back and be more than alarmed at the way he has been vilified as a traitor when he may well be more akin to a national hero.

    Anyway that is a thought from across the ocean! 🙂

    • “Anyway that is a thought from across the ocean!”

      Indeed, and quite significant. After all, where have we Americans learned most of what we know about Assange, Manning and Snowden? From The Guardian, of course!

      • I get the major portion of my news from The Guardian, their NOT afraid to Deliver sensitive stuff!
        Glad you mentioned it Mark!

    • Manning’s response to his frustrations reminds me of the harried flight attendant who not too long ago (while on the ground) popped open the cabin door, deployed the escape chute, and departed the airplane, leaving those he was paid to protect and serve, to their fate. Government approved or not – the homosexual lifestyle will always be subject to piques like this – since the psychological craving for approval is always foremost – and their response to the withholding of that approval is to act out – often extravagantly and irresponsibly so.


      • I hope that by “Manning’s response to his frustrations,” you mean his Chelsea thing, and not the fact that he chose to reveal to the world evidence of his country’s war crimes.

      • I mean his “acting out” in every respect. Manning’s motive is far from clear.


      • Fair enough. However, focusing on Manning’s motive(s) for revealing US war crimes risks drawing focus away from the crimes themselves. Which is undoubtedly just what the criminals want to happen.

  5. A varied and hotly debated subject!

    I think that The Guardian is like most media papers full of its own agendas and whilst these can be extraordinary in depth, they remain liberal (politically liberal in the UK based on persons like Adams etc not libertine liberal as often portrayed in America) and sometimes mischief making against government.
    The gay side of this individual seems to have been something which has emerged since his blowing the whistle on what he believed was a greater priority than his duty to his office.
    There is a psychological aspect to this person as Doug has pointed out and it may well be that he seeks attention and/or notoriety and retains a martyr psyche that clouds his judgement.
    Whatever? The single point remains whether he is considered insane, bad or heroic in that has the Government in the USA committed acts which would make Nuremburg blush? The Democratically elected government and its military have been implicated in what amount to scenes of wilful murder in some case without any apology. Like Watergate it is not what citizens expect of ministerial or executive office.
    It may be because money has exchanged hands and media press thrive on this kind of dirty story or tittle tattle to sell their papers; but it looks messy and reeks of corruption. When individuals are imprisoned for following conscience, informed or otherwise democratic rule of law is called into question.
    So yeah Mark from across the ocean, things look complicated or maybe with a different slant..

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