Church politics and show-biz: Vindictive bishops strike back …PLUS… Catholic non-profits pulling down big bucks, thanks to your generous donations.


The American Catholic Church: Bending over backwards
to appease and promote the far left, for over 40 years.
At your expense, of course!

.. a war in the Catholic blogosphere has broken out over the news coming out of Catholic Answers that they are in dire financial straits and are laying off staff due to a steep drop in donations and other revenue.

Catholic Answers has done fine work in the area of apologetics and is to be commended for any souls they might have influenced to come to the Catholic Faith. Bravo! But .. a few weeks ago, it seems like they made a major miscalculation .. or perhaps inadvertent blunder .. highlighting something we have talked about here recently in the Vortex.

It seems they may have insulted a large portion of their own audience by doing .. what appeared to many .. of making fun of traditional Catholics in a Catholic Answers Live radio show heard from coast to coast.

You see .. with the ever shrinking Church of Nice .. of which many .. rightly or wrongly have accused Catholic Answers of being a vested player .. the most invested players left in the Catholic world .. on the ground .. really are the more traditional crowd. To insult them apparently has proven to be a bad move.

Then .. on top of it .. some enterprising comm boxers dug up official numbers that the top dogs at Catholic Answers all make at least a hundred thousand a year .. with Karl Keating pulling down a cool quarter a million and Jimmy Akin and Tim Staples each over a hundred thousand. That  apparently set off a race among some bloggers to investigate how much other big name Catholic media people are pulling down. And a number of Catholics in the blogosphere are expressing shock.

EWTN bigwigs are all well into the six digit figures with funded retirement packages. Doug Keck and Michael Warsaw are each north of $130,000 and Raymond Arroyo is over 100K. Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta makes $115,000 a year and Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariana earns around 150K. All of these figures by the way come from viewers who dug into the official IRS public numbers, and posted them online, available because these are all nonprofits and must report salaries. They were spurred on by Catholic Answers’ recent financial plea.

Various viewers who have seen these salaries have expressed feelings ranging from surprise to shock to outrage. In various communications .. the term “professional catholic” has been asserted time and again and they are bothered that people are profiting from the Church in such a manner while at the same time begging for more money.

One viewer said to us in particular, no wonder these groups NEVER say anything about the collapse of the faith being pinned on the bishops. They all make HUGE salaries and aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them.

With recent revelations a few months ago that in Boston, the top few chancery personnel there are pulling down hundreds of thousands in salaries each year, all this begins to undermine the peasant Catholics view of how things run in the Church.

Text and video

Editor’s note: My, how things have changed!

Matthew 10:5-10 These twelve Jesus sent: commanding them, saying: Go ye not into the way of the Gentiles, and into the city of the Samaritans enter ye not. (6) But go ye rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (7) And going, preach, saying: The kingdom of heaven is at hand. (8) Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils: freely have you received, freely give. (9) Do not possess gold, nor silver, nor money in your purses: (10) Nor scrip for your journey, nor two coats, nor shoes, nor a staff; for the workman is worthy of his meat.


  1. My opinion of EWTN: it is mostly for post-conciliar, impressionable, under-formed Catholics. Vatican II’ed radio for Vatican II’ed believers. From my occasional, curiosity-motivated visit, I have taken away nothing worthwhile, but only further confirmation of my first impression.

    “Professional Catholics?” A clever, and sometimes telling turn of phrase. However, in this inflated, dollar-decaying economy, I would hesitate to criticize salaries just above the $100k mark as excessive, without knowing what was done to earn such a figure. Depending on the latter, the earner may have deserved much more.

    As a matter of purely personal pique and curiosity, I would like to know what “professional Catholic victim” Bill Donahue pulls down on the job. If he gets paid by the hard blow (as in “blowhard”), his pay stub must show a substantial figure. I will venture this additional opinion: Anyone who gets paid anything to “blow hard” on a Catholic-theme website about Myley Cyrus and MTV—in the pursuit of Catholic victimhood or anything Catholic, for that matter—is getting paid too much.

    • Correcting myself: EWTN is TV, not radio. St. Gabriel is the Catholic radio. My analysis in the first paragraph, above, applies to both.

    • Jan 12, 2012 – Although Bill Donohue’s Catholic League is a registered 501(c)(3) … Donohue pays himself a salary and benefits of $408,000 per year.


      • Not surprised at all. Thanks for the 411.

    • Under-Informed Catholics, reach out desperately to these Catholic Broadcasters. The barometer for Accepting Catholic thinking I use is my Husband. He does not take criticism of the Church well…”Everything is Beautiful”…he was trained well by the Jesuits!
      One time I watched EWTN, and the audience was brain- dead!
      I will never listen to the likes of Bloviating speakers such as Donahue? I will say , you get Paid , what your worth!

  2. “Under-Informed Catholics, reach out desperately to these Catholic Broadcasters.”

    I don’t doubt it. Just to re-iterate: I used the phrase “under-formed Catholics” in my original comment.

    Which could explain a lot as to why they are under-informed.

  3. Well–I’m betting there are some trads who make a decent living from working the circuit, too. I’d hate to turn the laser beam on them. I am taken a long look at Flannery O’Connor and the evidence is heavy that she was a closet liberal hiding in her Catholic aura for the sales of it (she was a professional writer, after all, a careerist, and one especially keen on sales to validate her professionalism in front of her community), but so many trads promote her one has to wonder if its the seminar fees they reap that blind them to the numerous details in her book reviews and in her stories attesting to her conscious liberalism. I have particular people in mind I’m thinking of with a tsk! tsk! (I have two posts on the subject of Flannery on the blog that I believe make the point.)

    • My opening potshot at EWTN et al. was about its content, not its staff’s earnings, and not at all tangent to the subject at hand: the substantial earnings of some “professional Catholics.” Note that the word “trad” or “traditionalist” was nowhere to be seen in this post and its thread until your comment to which I now reply.

      As for your bet, be my guest and look into it. I suppose it all depends on what one considers a “decent living.”

      For the record: “Trad” that I may be, my extremely scanty acquaintance with Flannery O’Connor might disappoint you: just as any search for well-heeled trad circuit workers might.

      • I’m sorry? Did I say something wrong? Didn’t mean to at all, apologies!

      • Of course you did not say anything wrong, nor is any apology called for. You just entered in medias “thread”. Welcome aboard. Come back often!

      • I did, I did, enter in the middle, and I was thinking out loud about what it made me associate–long day!

      • I find that at least some level of sleep deprivation is essential for proper blogging. Nice to meet you. I like your blog!


      • It was tiring! I crashed the meeting of conservative African Americans in St. Charles Illinois to leaflet them about forming a coalition with Catholics to form a third party, put God in our constitution, constitutionally deny homosexual marriage, adoption, and abortion, all as Hungary has done with FIDESZ, and with the ultimate goal of a Catholic religious state; I am unsure if that goal has ever been stated by Orban or FIDESZ. I invited them to pray with us that the Church return to tradition, and hinted they should return to Her. I made a four page pamphlet in Publisher. They permitted me to pass the leaflets out in their vendors’ room and were very polite and even receptive. Perhaps from a small seed….

        If anyone would like to read the pamphlet, I could send it, but as it’s in Publisher, one needs that program to open it.

        I’m afraid I had to write it by myself, since I don’t know anyone else who has taken the point of SSPX’s Christ the King conference, when the district superior told us to go out and run for office.

      • Good work! Send the pamphlet as an attachment. I’ll watch for it and I can open it. Email:


      • Just took a quick look at your blog. To quote The Terminator: “I’ll be baahhhck.”

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