Retreat will emphasize integrating leather and spirituality – CANCELED

leather rosary

A leather Rosary – probably not what they have in mind

“Join us August 30 to September 2nd, 2013 (Labor Day weekend), for a joint retreat with Dignity/San Francisco at a retreat center near Sacramento. The first two days of the retreat we will be with those attending from the Dignity chapter, followed by a third day that will emphasize integrating leather and spirituality. The retreat will be lead by a Catholic priest who works with Dignity.”

The Defenders are an integral part of Dignity, and have been affiliated with the group since 1981. The webpage of Dignity SF’s webpage also publicizes the retreat, and says the retreat master will be Father Tom Bonacci. Father Bonacci has led a number of retreats for DignitySF.


Editor’s note: Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term “retreat master” – doesn’t it?

Photo source: Latitude Shop. Leather Rosary $270

08/30/2013 -Latest word is this was canceled but may be moved to another, non-diocesan location.


  1. Jesus taught us to care for one another…even those who are the outcasts of society….lepers, tax collectors, pharisees, and prostitutes in his day. Should not Fr. Bonacci do the same? The people who signed up for the retreat are searching for God….just as anyone else is who signs up for a retreat….. It is too bad they were denied the opportunity to find the God they are searching for.

    • A comprehensive search of the Holy Bible does not reveal the name of the “god” of leather. A further search of the Catholic Catechism fails to reveal any kind of approved “leather cult” in the Catholic Church. From this I can only conclude that the “god” for which these homosexual people are searching is either one of their own making – or more likely Satan, the Prince of this world. I know a scandal when I see one and I’m reasonably certain that you do too. An event of this type, led by a Catholic priest, held on diocesan property would have been exactly that.


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