Vatican: Bertone out as Secretary of State. Italian cleric Pietro Parolin in.

Pope Francis on Saturday appointed a senior Vatican diplomat as his new secretary of state, ousting divisive cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as he looks to overhaul the Church’s scandal-ridden administration.

His replacement for the “number two” position at the Vatican, Italian cleric Pietro Parolin, is currently the Roman Catholic Church’s envoy to Venezuela and has worked on improving ties with communist China.

“The Holy Father has accepted… the resignation of His Eminence Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,” the Vatican said in a widely-expected announcement, adding that the changeover would formally take place on October 15.

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  1. LOL about two years ago I was last in Rome with my brother and we were just crossing (at the zebra crossing) just by the famous Vatican boundary white line when a mini type car made an emergency stop. A nun coming towards us waved her finger at the driver and they grinned with several people in the vehicle, ashamed of their Italian speeding? Anyway in his red robes crouched sat the Cardinal Bertone laughing at some disgraceful joke we presumed that the driver had said as they were thrown forward by its quick (not quite emergency) stop. I waved my finger as we saw the grinning cardinal whisked away into the traffic with suitable disregard for any not clerically attired personality!
    I will confess to having a typical grunt remark that there were too many princes of the Church and within ears length of some Vatican officials. To date as far as I know I have not been excommunicated 🙂 and I am glad to say that the Swiss Guard did not bar my way on my return!

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