Catholic Answer’s double standard

Catholic Answers Live
Attacks “Radical” Traditionalism As Church Falls Apart

“Catholic Answers” is an organization made up of lay apologists whose stated mission is to “Explain and Defend the Faith.” Despite a growing contingent of Tradition friendly personnel, Catholic Answers remains, for the most part, a staunch defender of all post-Conciliar novelties.  This is no more apparent than in the organization’s radio show, “Catholic Answers Live.” The show consists of a host and an apologist who discuss important Catholic topics and take calls from listeners…

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  1. The irony here is CA’s pejorative coinage of the term “radical traditionalism.” The word “radical” comes from the Latin “radix,” which means “root.”

    So, duh, of course traditionalism is radical! What else could it be? Its roots go @1963 years deep.

    How deep are the roots of the post-conciliar Church?

  2. Do not know the site and cannot comment thus. Sorry no lengthy reply on what the root of the Church is .. or Rather WHO it is? Maybe another time?

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