Church politics: Some things never change!

Vatican II changed everything – except for Vatican politics – which are – and pretty much always have been – brutal!

Outgoing Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said he was surrounded by ‘crows and vipers’ who undermined him.

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  1. “…surrounded by crows and vipers…”?

    Score another victory for animal rights. Make that animal “supremacy.”

  2. (just lost my comment so will try to reconstruct?)

    Pope Francis reminded the faithful of the gossip that surrounded Jesus.

    Quite frankly his eminence Cardinal Bertone should shut up!
    If he thinks he has been unfairly treated then he should just go and pick up his cross. If he thinks he has been treated better than he deserves then he should thank god and pick up his cross. Stop your whinging Bertone and accept the decrees of your earthly superior with good grace and a smile.

    There are too many Bishops and Princes of the Church that allow gossip and intrigue to consume them rather than thinking about Our Lord and Calvary. If the Pope has committed the inevitable act and replaced his Secretary than Bertone should have the good grace to smile and thank God for his mercy in allowing him to serve his Church.

    Go in peace Bertone but now learn to be humble and obedient unto death as was your Lord and God.

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