Pope Francis would like you to pray and fast on Saturday, September 7. Just don’t get too serious about it – or you might be labeled a heretic!


It seems that the Pope has not done anything juridical here to bind local churches and all Catholics to some kind of action.  7 September is not like Ash Wednesday or Good Friday.

However, I watched the video of the Angelus from yesterday. He really meant business.

It strikes me that the force of this “invitation” should bring us in every parish and diocese and Catholic household to do something.  It might be good to coordinate (if your time zones allow) some action during the time frame the Pope mentioned for Rome.

Read more from Father Z

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  1. I will observe Sept. 7 by dining, sparingly, on Pelagian cuisine. After I say Grace, of course.

    • Excellent Mark . . . pelagian cuisine!
      I would have thought it was always sparing?

      Not much of a storm here? The pope along with just about every pontiff in History that has lived long enough has called for a special day for this or that. No surprises there.
      If it is not the same universal power of a Good Friday it is because (we all hope?) that the call for Syria is a one-off and the crisis will not be around next year.
      Still what with Obama suggesting he will be prepared to fire Rockets into Syria and the spectre of Russia being drawn to their defence . .we may all not be here next year! 😛

      • Republican House Speaker Boehner has already announced his support of Obama’s already-decided war on Syria, a week before the House goes back in session to, supposedly, debate the done deal.

        Absolutely, and disgustingly no surprise here. Expect no facsimile of the Cameron “defeat” on this side of the pond.

  2. Laying aside my previous criticisms of Pope Francis and focusing only on today’s event in St. Peter Square, I must extend to His Holiness a most hearty Bravo! on the massive success of the gathering there.

    I pray that success is repeated on this side of the pond with a decisive “NO” vote by the US Congress, followed by a standing-down of the US military and its execrable “commander in chief.”

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