Bad news for Muslims: Archaeological proof discovered for existence of the old Temple Worship System in Jerusalem


Pilgrims came from hundreds of miles away to sacrifice animals at an ancient temple in Jerusalem, new research suggests.

An analysis of bones found in an ancient dump in the city dating back 2,000 years revealed that animals sacrificed at the temple came from far and wide.

“The study shows that there is a major interprovincial market that enables the transfer of vast numbers of animals that are used for sacrifice and feasting in Jerusalem during that time period,” said study co-author Gideon Hartman, a researcher at the University of Connecticut.

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Editor’s note: It’s nice when science continues to confirm what people of the Christian – and in this case, Jewish faiths – already know. Muslims continue to deny that a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem ever existed.


  1. Let’s not lose sight of the main issue: that Muslims deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, made man, and Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

    Oh, wait…so do Jews.

    Now, what was that again about temple denial?

    • Mark, the First Christians were the Jews! The first Gentile Christian was Cornelius( Not, Planet Of The Apes, fame!) He was a Roman Centurion, and his whole family converted! Until the Jew acknowledge, Christ, as their Messiah….they are LOST!

  2. Doug,
    Of course the Muslims deny the Jewish Temple which was destroyed in 70 AD by Roman General Titus. They replaced the Temple Mt with their Dome of the Rock Mosque, in honor of, according to the Quoran, Abrahams sacrifice of Ishmael( instead of the Bibles- Isaac!) This is Islam’s Second most holy Site, after Mecca!
    There is plenty of Archeological Evidence throughout the Old City, of the Jewish Temple, and Jerusalem in ancient times! I’ve been there…what a Wonder!

  3. Jerusalem . .how thou art so argued and fought over!
    In thousands of years the city has not found peace. It remains the battleground still not just between faiths but within faiths.
    Obviously there was a temple there (several temples, destroyed, rebuilt etc) and it is unscholarly to imagine otherwise.
    What Muslims believe is seemingly as conflicted as Christians notions of where the Crucifixion took place? Jews believe the wailing wall was part of the temple wall but archaeological evidence suggests it was a stable side wall.
    The symbol of Jerusalem. its larger than life location is the centre of three conflicting world faiths and its future is as divisive as its past. We should not rely too much on scientific evidence to prove or disprove matters of faith because the latter is beyond the confines of normal empirical evidence etc.

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