Famous actor Jack Nicholson – a pro-life Catholic?

(CNSNews.com) —  Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson, 76, who is retiring from movies it was reported today, is, unlike many liberals in Tinseltown, a staunch pro-lifer who said in a 1984 interview about abortion, “I’m positively against it. I don’t have the right to any other view.”

He added that it was the moral character of his mother and grandmother that ensured he himself had not been aborted.

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  1. Bravo, but only as far as this should go.

    To wit: We who believe in the right to life of the unborn typically believe in a whole lot more. I caution against citing Jack Nicholson as an icon of pro life-ism, or much else, for that matter. No matter what, I wish him well and for him, particularly, eternal salvation. I also readily recognize him as an historical figure of talent and renown in Hollywood.

    As for avatars of the pro-life movement, we have plenty of those already who have so much else to recommend them.

    We don’t need “jack” for further validation.

    • Damn it Mark, you took the words right out of my mouth here! 😛

  2. Well, that’s great, for a person that actually lived a “Colorful Life!”
    He was thankful he wasn’t aborted….which was really a Reality, with his “fast life” mother, who was conformed to this world!
    Blah blah, blah, just another famous celebrity!
    I hope for him the best!

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