Prominent blogger’s opinion of Michael Voris – “He strikes me as a conspiratorial blowhard who has a thing about Jews and who has all the subtlety and wit of a dead possum.”


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Editor’s note: To be fair, let’s carefully parse Donald R. McClarey’s personal comment on Michael Voris.

“He strikes me…” (Yes, he does. MV tends to get right in everyone’s face as he delivers news of the latest public scandals and failings of those who dare to call themselves Catholic. Nobody wants to hear that kind of stuff, but we know it’s true.) 

“as a conspiratorial blowhard…” (Conspiratorial? How did all those altar rails come down, tabernacles get moved and all those liberal prelates obtain their positions, if not by some form of organized political effort within the universal church? The late Cardinal Bernardin was indeed a highly placed, Chicago style “wheeler – dealer” – and the U.S. church is still recovering from his various appointments and his ill considered. self-serving “seamless garment” approach. Then there were the abusive priests who were for years, secretly transferred from diocese to diocese to diocese. That didn’t happen by accident – so what would you call it, if not some kind of a coordinated effort/conspiracy? A good old boy’s club? Malfeasance – negligence – malpractice – or what? Certainly not an act of God!)

“who has a thing about Jews…” (It can be legitimately claimed that Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis had/have “a thing” about Jews. What “thing” might that be? How about lumping every individual Jew and Jewish organization into one big group and claiming that they all believe exactly the same things, and are working toward precisely the same ends – which are all good – which means we Catholics are no longer supposed to be concerned with their conversion – which is a bunch of outright lies – and is also about as patronizing, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic and bereft of human charity as can be! MV understands that not everyone who personally identifies as Jewish has the best interests of the the Catholic Church – or the world – in mind. The same can be rightly said about many Christian denominations and other groups. So what’s the problem? Or do you too have “a thing” about Jews?)

“and who has all the subtlety and wit of a dead possum…” (Possums that only appear to be dead are actually very, very subtle. As for MV – I would classify this as an ad hominem attack – and that’s simply unfair – like shooting the messenger who brings bad news.)


  1. It is an ad hominem attack, but so is even the salary discussion, in a way. It just seems to me that the only discussion to have is what is the position of the person on the issues. I suppose I’m saying I don’t even care if they live a holy life, I’m not talking scandal but praying the rosary every day, daily mass, a true devotion to Our Lady, and I know that’s not true, but if we bloggers and warriors of the com boxes would just focus for an hour on making the one demand that the poison bits in the constitutions of Vatican II be taken out (and where they have affected canon law, too), we might get somewhere. We all, across the spectrum, seem to feel that any attack is a good attack, but it seems like it just distracts us. I am afraid I don’t watch MV because videos take too long, I don’t watch knitting or cooking videos either. But it seems to me he sure doesn’t focus. (A concise statement of the location of the poison bits, google Gleize Ocariz.)

    My own definition of a real traditional is one thing only, do they call for the restoration of the Catholic state. It keeps me in perpetual trouble, but it has kept me clear of becoming an EWTN Catholic, or the like (even in the SSPX chapels, because there we have the libertarian wing, like the bumper sticker Abolish the IRS going around–that’s incompatible with the Catholic state, of course, and if we ever raised the cry, Que viva Cristo Rey, we’d have to unteach that very bumper sticker).

    Doug, I came over to say something else, that when I get the updates to your blog and click on the link, I get an error message. Now I forget its number, I think it’s Error 404 or something. I am in Explorer (which I prefer to Chrome in spite of the kids’ teasing, so don’t you start). At first I thought I was clicking on ‘the wrong thing’ somehow, because when I click again, I go to the link. But it happens every time, the first click gets the error message. Maybe you could investigate, you might be losing some readers (less persistent ones than I, haha).

    • If you go the Church Militant TV site and look just to the right of the video window, you’ll see a link to the script for that day’s video. Click on it and you can read the PDF file version of the video in a jiffy. As for the 404 error on the daily summaries – I haven’t received any other error reports and that service comes from Google, who does about a zillion of those each day. Maybe something else is going wrong on your end. I’ll check it out further, from here, but so far, I have no sign of anything going wrong with the daily summaries.



      • Donald McClarey is a an establishment fanny kisser. If the Catholic establishment says do not criticize Jews, he won’t criticize the Jews or any other sacred cows held dear by the CE. For proof of this, go to the American Catholic site and type in Martin Luther King statue into it’s search engine. In the comboxes you will see how Donny Boy and his flunkies vilified me because I dared to question the holiness of MLK. I called King a socialist radical with communist ties, and immediately I was branded a racist, even though I never said anything about his race! Donald McClarey, IMO, is an incredibly dishonest man who is willing to distort the facts to serve his agenda.

  2. Well anyone that holds the Voris personage and all its works as detestable anathema is on the right track to salvation. That all said and done perhaps the personal attacks on his character (though we might love to attack people we disagree with absolutely) are unnecessary?
    I avoid all his videos nowadays as last time he suggested I was evil as I informed him that Love and Loving thy neighbour are true Catholic doctrine and Scriptural confidence.
    I will not add anything else to this debate Doug but am glad that at least the growing number of blogs is against this wolf in sheeps clothing. Thanks for that I will look at (blogger) them with growing interest.

  3. Well said. I’m disappointed that Mr. McClarey would make such a statement.

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