Doctors urge late term abortion of one-eyed, brain-dead baby boy only to find out they were wrong

A mother is taking legal action after claiming doctors at a hospital wrongly advised her to abort her ‘brain dead’ baby.

During her 24-week pregnancy scan, Sarah Hagan says medics at Sunderland Royal Hospital told her the child would have ‘no hope of survival’.

Ms Hagan went through the agony of taking tablets to abort her unborn son, only to be told doctors were going to try and deliver her baby.

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Editor’s note: Makes you wonder how many other perfectly formed babies are killed by abortion-happy physicians and their enablers in the medical establishment and in government.

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  1. Good point from Doug,
    Makes you wonder why we are so shocked (I presume we are!) by what the Nazis did in Auschwitz and the other death camps. Experiments etc in horrible satanic glory.
    Today liberal democracies gladly pursue the right to remove the weak or helpless because they too may be inconvenient or not quite people!
    Changed a lot haven’t we?

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