The NAACP has never taken a position on abortion. We simply support a woman’s right to choose.

That sounds like a position, to me!

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  1. In other words, the NAACP supports the individual and collective right of African-American women to self-inflict genocide on their ethnic cohort.

    And, of course, to then blame the outcome on whi…er, other people.

    • they blame everything ill on white people at the same time while asking for a hand out for everything.

  2. Nothing wrong at all with a position – just as long as it is informed properly and soberly and with good moral ethical sense.

    Problems arise when the simple, gullible or even distressed are “allowed” to choose the outcome presented by a self seeking bigotry that refuses to recognise what medical opinion has always held ie that life begins upon conception.

    So free choice is presented as a right regardless of responsibility, humanity or ability. The choice towards death is raised on the altars of mistaken notions of liberty and freedom, neither of which have anything to do with the act whatsoever. Death and more Death is swallowed like a panacea for inconvenience, respect or fashion.

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