War is Hell – unless you’re a Barack Obama sycophant


The only explanation for their continued silence must be a large, organized kidnapping. To whoever is responsible for their disappearance, please post pictures of them holding a recent newspaper so we know they’re okay.

14 Principled Anti-War Celebrities We Fear May Have Been Kidnapped


  1. Where, Oh, Where are Our Bleeding Heart Anti-War Pathos Celebs?
    NOW We Could Use Them!
    But,,, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!
    Me thinks they are looking out for Their Supreme Leader…..BHO!

  2. Actually, it was Ed Asner himself who provided the most believable answer.

  3. I was against war in Iraq, and I supported our troops.

    But, the constant wars is getting old.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    • “and I supported our troops.”

      I’d like to examine what those words can mean, intending nothing personal wrt you, Wayne, but merely riffing off of your phrase.

      Of course, as taxpayers, we all “support our troops,” albeit unwillingly in so many cases.

      Many of us who pray support our troops in that way, although the exact intentions of the prayers vary widely. For example, in the “prayers of the faithful” (or whatever they’re being called these days), my fellow parishioners and I are always urged to pray for the “safety of our military.” Well, of course, no one wants them to be unsafe. But do we pray that each individual in our military observe the virtue of Justice and the dictates of his or her well-formed conscience? Do we pray specifically for the safety of the people whose lands our troops bomb, invade and occupy by inflicting considerable violence? Sadly, no.

      Well, almost no. There is a catchall intention for the “innocent victims of war and violence everywhere” (this intention began after I raised some relevant sand). This prayer elicits no introspection on our part as the supporters and enablers (at least via our taxes) of American military bombings, invasions and occupations abroad. We pray for the vague “others,” with no frame of reference to the US’s part in making so many of them “innocent victims of war and violence.”

      So let us all support our troops, but in these ways only: 1) Pray for their spiritual well-being and eternal salvation, 2) Demand that funding be ended for all military activities that are non-defense (after all, it is the Department of Defense), and 3) Demand that our troops abroad be brought home immediately.

      That is the kind of support that I will readily pray for.

      • Well, you spun off of that rather well.

        I think we must have been playing off of each other, maybe guided by the Spirit?


  4. 😀 You guys will have it explained to you by your president just before he launches his rockets in defence of National Sovereignty! Doh!

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