Gay pride run amok

A Missouri man has been arrested and charged with “reckless exposure to HIV” after he admitted to having unprotected sex with up to 300 people without disclosing his HIV status, triggering alarm among health officials.



  1. It’s time for a Castration! This guy needs his weapon removed!

  2. I guess I’m seeing @301 people who should have behaved themselves.

  3. He is as much a murderer as if he took a gun and placed it to their heads and played Russian Roulette with them.
    Disgraceful and he should be handed over to the legal authorities to be dealt with in a suitably severe fashion.

  4. they are now considered a protected class. They can say whatever they want because they have been discriminated against. Even to the point of passing on this virus. I have not seen this in the mame stream media.

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