Some of that “old time religion” from Peoria, IL Bishop Jenky

“Jesus taught that our temporal choices have eternal consequences. Jesus revealed there is not only an everlasting heaven but there is an everlasting hell. Today’s popular, liberal Christianity tends to beige all of that over. 

The God of our liberal therapeutic culture is usually presented as only a benign kind of higher force. This concept of God is almost like a tolerant psychiatrist, who for $400 an hour will patiently listen to absolutely everything we may have to say. There is no right or wrong, no judgment and certainly no punishment for deliberate sin.

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  1. Doug,
    It’s a shame that people have Fallen Into The Trap, of Satan, there is NO Hell, with their imagined Death Experience! Jesus promised a Heavenly Kingdom, of No Pain or Sorrow, and He warned of Hell, numerous times! His Word is TRUTH!
    The Question is Are: You a Believer in Christ Jesus? He IS your Door to Everlasting Life!
    Why do most of our churches shy away from the TRUTH? They don’t want to lose their Modern , there is No Right or Wrong, attendees!!!!
    The Truth should not scare, but prepare us for (Instruct) us in receiving Eternal Life….to be ultimately Forgiven, by the Precious Blood of The Son Of God, to appease an All Holy God….so we Enter into the Kingdom of God in Heaven , Boldly and without Shame!

  2. When asked about “modernist” people who did not believe in Hell Padre Pio famously replied “that they will believe in it when they get there”.

    It seems that any self-respecting Christian will understand about the abode of Satan etc. Indeed its denial is bordering on blasphemy since (same as people that deny the existence of Angels etc) it contradicts Scripture and Tradition, Lives of the Saints, many of whom have seen it (Teresa of Avila, Bosco, Faustina . . .as well as the Fatima seers, the list is very great and puts a lie to the silly that say “Nobody has ever seen it” etc) Exorcists are well aware of its reality as is Satan himself when he is cast back into that infernal place.
    The reason some misled or quite frankly rather stupid people have assumed that a God of Love could not damn a soul into eternal damnation is based upon the surmise that God is not a tyrant but a loving father. This is a great move forward in grace but it is incorrect on many levels not because of its assumption but because of its ignorance in the faith.
    Firstly, God is a Loving father and desires Our Salvation to a terrifying degree but he is also a King. If he is Merciful beyond anyones imagination he is also Just. Indeed Mercy implies Justice as it begs the question of mercy from what? Mercy exists against an implied threat.
    So if God is Merciful than he will always grant mercy to those that ask it. Yet that is the nature of Hell and damnation. The souls that go to hell (we do not know of any individual soul in hell or how many there are but that is as it should be and not our concern) are not damned by God but by their own refusal to accept his grace.
    A soul that lives a wicked life and at the end chooses to continue and deny his mercy remain enemies of grace. Our Lord will not force his grace down a souls throat! That means that these souls flee from God and his goodness. They turn their back on his mercy and revile his passion and love. In effect it is what C.S. Lewis noted that Hell is a door locked from the inside.
    We should not dwell on the eternal damnation of a soul because it may make us morbid and fearful but that does not mean we shall forget it or deny its terrible reality. The Devil well knows the end that awaits him but we must not allow ourselves to imagine he or his abode are foolish fancy’s simply because they are uncomfortable too bear.

    • Scampy22,
      Satan has always wanted to be God, so has set op his own counterfeit Kingdom, in Hell, where he lures those, who won’t accept , the Real God, by being the Great Deciever and the Father of Lies!
      Because, God gave us Free Will, he never makes our decisions. We can turn away from the Light, and Rebel against God, or we can continue in our Sinful Nature, without Repenting, and drift towards Darkness, and please Satan! No Mortal Man, has knowledge of how many souls, have entered Satan’s Kingdom of Hell…..that is Not for us to know…..Remember: Lazarus, a warning for Believers, of Eternal Damnation!
      Hell, is not going to be a Giant Casino and Brothel, to hang with your deviant friends! Project the Worst Horror and Lonliness, because that’s Satan Real Plan, for those that didn’t accept the Righteousness of the All Holy God….for the Son took away your Sins, so you can have Salvation …Eternal Life in the Heavenly Kingdom!
      I am concerned, the Modernist does not see this!
      People today watch movies and few read about the Saints, and their Visions, or more importantly Read the Manual For Life…The Bible!

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