The Muslim Brotherhood recently destroyed 60 churches in Egypt. Why would we keep giving them money?

A comment sent in by Ed S. of Arlington Heights, IL

Doesn’t the administration realize that by giving aid in arms to those who are fighting  (in Syria) along with Al Qaeda that those  arms will end up going to Al Qaeda? We are aiding the  911 terrorists!
Just like when we gave arms to the Afghan Al Qaeda to fight the Russians; we empowered them to hurt the US.  A rifle can kill people for 100 years!
An Afghan home owner knew that his house would be destroyed by US bombs, so he asked for $600 so he could destroy his own house, saving the US a million dollars. He knew that Al Qaeda would use his house as cover, so he was willing to destroy it for $600 and live in a tent, to save the USA money.
The Muslim Brotherhood just destroyed 60 churches in Egypt. Why would we keep giving them money?


  1. See what happens when you don’t invite the MB to Assisi for a pro-peace, inter”faith” kumbaya!

    But hey! As long as they’re destroying churches, keep bringing on the US taxpayers’ aid. Isn’t that exactly the kind of result BHO wants from his foreign policy?

    And when they’ve leveled all the Christian and Catholic churches in North Africa and the Middle East, maybe they can be brought to the US to take care of our domestic churches. Call it “open borders” immigration “reform.”

  2. LOL but things are a bit stranger than that!
    For example. If I was a cynic I would or more likely could ask the simple question of Oh well never mind because of course it was Irish Americans that backed the IRA that repeatedly killed British citizens, Christians or otherwise on the streets of the UK. It was American dollars that backed many rebel groups in the Islamic world to foster anti-government feeling against politically uncomfortable states! It was after all American backing of denounced tyrants such as Sadaam that led to his continued regime and his removal, costly though it was did not occur until he was no longer a friend! The failure to end the violence is a lesson for us all that violence begets more violence.
    The Muslim Brotherhood that has arisen in places such as Libya and across N.Africa well who supported/s them? Oh wait a minute. . it was the West. . Us in our superior advanced technological certainties . .yeah led by a “democratic” American regime!
    It would be tart to suggest that the problems arising across the Middle East are the result of us getting involved and dabbling with what we are incapable of correcting by means of a military crack down. As is often said . .We may win the war but it can not win the peace!

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