Naval Yard shooter evidently took VP Joe Biden’s “shotgun” advice


Remington Model 870 “Pump’ Shotgun

WASHINGTON – The shotgun Aaron Alexis allegedly used to launch the shooting Monday at the Washington Naval Shipyard that killed 12 naval and civilian personnel was legal, since when he purchased it, Alexis had no record of either a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

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Editor’s note: Mr. Biden favors double-barreled shotguns.



  1. In no particular order:

    1) My recollection of the NICS federal form for a firearm purchase, including shotguns, includes a question of some sort about mental illness. If my memory is correct, Alexis lied.

    2) 00 buck pellets are equivalent to .32, not .38. Still quite lethal when they’re coming at you in groups of nine.

    3) Some moron “journalist” (am I being redundant?) reported that Alexis had purchased an “AR-15 shotgun.” Apparently, this individual would qualify as a “real” journalist for DiFi.

    • One other thing … why aren’t they including Alexis’ middle name – like all the other infamous killers? What makes this guy different?


      • I have seen no evidence anywhere, including the official FBI page, that a middle name even exists.

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